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Dernières publications

Wojciech Drąg - publié le 16/03/2023

This talk examines a variety of instances of contemporary experimental life-writing – a critical category theorised by Irene Kacandes (2012) and Julia Novak (2017). After defining the notion and providing a brief historical overview of formally unconventional auto/biographies, Wojciech Drąg introduces his research project concerned with life-writing works that renounce a narrative structure in favour of an archive (or a database). He then proposes a classification of archival subgenres that (...)

Saugata Bhaduri - publié le 09/03/2023

Connected to the question of nationalistic and identitarian assertions versus the other-regarding 'worlding' of literary-critical praxis is the question of the Global South – questions more specifically connected to colonialism, postcolonial discourse, and new-imperialism. To what extent can postcolonialism offer a suitable methodological toolkit for studying literature today? Conversely, what are some of the current discontents with postcolonialism, arising particularly from emerging insights (...)

Saugata Bhaduri - publié le 02/03/2023

If, rather than being rooted in sectarian identity politics, reading strategies for literary and cultural practice have to be other-regarding, and not be cocooned within one’s self-same monolingual and monocultural universes, it calls for translation and comparative literature – where one goes beyond literary and cultural texts in one’s own language and reaches out to the other – to become mainstays of such a practice. To what extent would an emphasis on going beyond one’s own (...)

Saugata Bhaduri - publié le 23/02/2023

This first lecture focuses on recent developments in the area of Literary Theory, or to be more specific, on how ideology critique, which would have been one of the methodological mainstays of reading literature and culture under the aegis of Literary Theory, has been challenged over the last couple of decades, in the form of post-critical and post-theoretical developments, to lead to more ‘affective’ modes of dealing with literature and culture. The move, from the late 1990s, towards (...)

Jumana Bayeh - publié le 12/01/2023

Egypt's Arab Spring was experienced as a mediated event in two notable ways. First, in the immediate successes of Tahrir Square, Facebook was heralded as a fundamental agent of the uprising and responsible for the fall of Mubarak. Second, the failure of the 'Spring' with the election of an Islamist and a counter-revolution that saw the rise of a military dictatorship, news reports sought to make sense of the country's rapidly flailing political fortunes. Missing from both these forms of (...)

Jean-Daniel Collomb - publié le 25/11/2022

Dans le cadre d'un partenariat entre l'Université Grenoble Alpes, l'Ecole académique de formation continue (EAFC) et les IA-IPR d'anglais de l'académie de Grenoble, des professeurs d'anglais de lycée qui dispensent l'enseignement de spécialité LLCER Anglais monde contemporain ont assisté à une conférence intitulée "The United-States, climate, and the rest of the world" animée par Jean-Daniel Collomb.

Elsa Lorphelin - publié le 27/10/2022

Cet article examine trois nouvelles de Jean Rhys, « Again the Antilles » (1927), « Pioneers, Oh, Pioneers » (1969), et « Fishy Waters » (1976). Conçues comme un cycle de nouvelles, toutes trois mettent en scène un personnage récurrent et déclinent le thème de la mise au ban d’un homme par la communauté créole. Cette exclusion, loin de n’être qu’un phénomène social, est avant tout un phénomène discursif qui évacue la voix des marginaux et permet à Jean Rhys de proposer (...)

Manon Boukhroufa-Trijaud - publié le 20/10/2022

This article aims at shedding light on the work of Menka Shivdasani, a key figure of contemporary Indian poetry in English. It highlights her involvement in the collective poetry scene of Mumbai and her commitment to connect it to the world. It also focuses on the singular poetic voice she elaborates in the personal itinerary of her poetic work, shaping the self-portrait of a woman poetess in contemporary India.

Annalena Geisler - publié le 15/06/2022

In ((Americanah)), Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie tells the story of high school lovers Ifemelu and Obinze, their experiences of migration to the US and the UK, and their reunion 13 years later back in Nigeria. Through the means of defamiliarization and the depiction of Ifemelu’s sense of alienation in the US, Adichie sheds new light on America’s relationship with race and racism.

Annalena Geisler - publié le 25/05/2022

Even before winning the prestigious Booker Prize in 2019, Bernardine Evaristo had been an integral part of the British literary landscape, not only because of her experimental style, but also due to her activism and wish to cut down discrimination in the literary institution. In ((Girl, Woman, Other)), the British writer with Nigerian and Irish roots, attempts to give a voice to Black British women, who have long been invisible and voiceless in the public sphere.

Charlotte Arnautou - publié le 25/04/2022

L’enjeu de cet article est d’envisager G.K. Chesterton (1874-1936) comme un penseur critique original de la culture de masse en Grande-Bretagne, à une époque traversée par une crise politique et sociale mais aussi culturelle. Héritier d’une tradition conservatrice d’écrits critiques sur la culture contemporaine, Chesterton s’écarte de la vision prédominante d’une culture de masse dangereuse et dégradante et décide plutôt de l’envisager comme un sujet d’étude fécond.

Marion Douzou - publié le 23/09/2021

This presentation aims at giving an overview of the history of the right to vote in the United States, from the Founding Fathers to voter suppression in the twenty-first century.

publié le 24/06/2021

Des élèves de première et terminale du lycée Blaise Pascal à Charbonnières-les-Bains ont rencontré l'auteur Thomas Chatterton Williams dans le cadre du Littérature Live Festival de la Villa Gillet. Des groupes qui suivent l'enseignement de spécialité LLCER anglais et LLCER anglais monde contemporain, ainsi que des groupes de la section européenne anglais, ont pu échanger avec l'auteur autour de son livre ((Self-Portrait in Black and White: Unlearning Race)), paru en 2019.

Vance Bergeron, Louis Gouzerh - publié le 14/06/2021

Vance Bergeron, physicien à l'Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, a répondu aux questions de Louis Gouzerh, ancien élève de l'Ecole et professeur d'anglais. Sport, citoyenneté, inclusion et diversité, telles sont les thématiques abordées dans l'entretien : Vance Bergeron y évoque sa recherche, l'impact qu'a eu son accident sur son travail, ainsi que l'importance du sport pour les personnes en situation de handicap.

Martin Berny - publié le 03/06/2021

This presentation deals with the wilderness motif in contemporary American literature and American cinema. Going back to the origins of this ambivalent image, it aims at explaining the underlying ideology that actively contributes to the endless process of mythogenesis of the American nation. On the individual level, it is through a journey of self-reinvention or reconstruction of the self that the wilderness appears as either a path to a metaphorical rebirth or as a dangerous place where one (...)

Pierre Journoud - publié le 20/05/2021

Cet article présente trois conceptions de la nature vietnamienne (nature-refuge, nature-cible et nature-martyre) durant la guerre du Vietnam (1955-1975).

Fabien Jeannier - publié le 12/05/2021

This article aims at critically addressing the SNP's very favourable discourse on immigration and immigrants’ rights in Scotland from a historical and contemporary perspective.

Jillian Bruns - publié le 25/03/2021

Alex Marzano-Lesnevich, ((The Fact of a Body: A Murder and a Memoir)) (Deckle Edge, 2017). French translation: ((L’empreinte)) (2020).

Jillian Bruns - publié le 23/02/2021

Regina Porter, ((The Travelers)) (Jonathan Cape, 2019). French translation: ((Ce que l’on sème)) (Gallimard, 2019).

Christine Vandamme - publié le 27/11/2020

Dans le cadre de l'enseignement de spécialité LLCER anglais, Christine Vandamme propose une réflexion sur les arts et le débat d’idées, ainsi que des pistes d'exploitation pour étudier ((Heart of Darkness)) (1899) de Joseph Conrad en classe. Cette conférence a été organisée conjointement par l'académie de Grenoble et l'Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA).

Méline Dumot - publié le 09/10/2020

This article examines a contemporary rewriting of Shakespeare’s ((Richard III)) by Chinese-American playwright Mike Lew. In his play ((Teenage Dick)) (2018), Lew gives a new voice to Shakespeare’s well-known villain. Noticing that one of the most famous disabled characters in theatre history is rarely – if ever – performed by a disabled actor, Lew centers his play on Richard’s experience as a disabled teenager. The play questions our current vision of disability, both in the theatrical (...)

Marilou Niedda - publié le 02/10/2020

This article is an introduction to Judith Butler's conception of gender: central to Butler's theory is the difference between sex and gender and the conception of gender as performance. The article also explores the impact of her work on queer theory.

Louise Bailly - publié le 17/09/2020

Known for his witty aphorisms, fanciful style and extravagant way of life, Oscar Wilde was not only a dandy ((par excellence)) but also a major figure of nineteenth-century literature. In ((The Picture of Dorian Gray)), he expresses his belief that art should be dissociated from moral considerations and creates an anti-hero at odds with traditional protagonists whose virtuous behaviours were meant to be exemplary models.

Louise Bailly - publié le 07/09/2020

Mary Cassatt was a major figure of transatlantic artistic exchanges, the only American who exhibited her paintings alongside the Impressionists in Paris. A strong independent woman and a truly talented artist, Cassatt thought that “Women should be someone and not something.” Although she was considered one of the greatest painters of her time in America and spent sixty years of her life in France, she was long forgotten there after she died.

Coline Pavia - publié le 01/07/2020

Colm Tóibín’s ((Brooklyn)) centres on Eilis Lacey’s migration from Ireland to Brooklyn. The protagonist’s spatial mobility is accompanied by an identity change, as her self evolves when she settles in New York. Although she embarks on an initiatory journey through migration, Eilis faces various forms of immobility: the American territory resembles Ireland, and she is confronted to family duty when she thought she would escape it. This article therefore shows that the protagonist’s (...)

publié le 18/06/2020

Cette page propose une série de ressources afin de traiter en classe des manifestations au lendemain de la mort de George Floyd, du mouvement Black Lives Matter et du racisme institutionnel aux Etats-Unis.

Frédéric Moreau - publié le 14/05/2020

Ce texte est la traduction du chapitre "The Vanishing New World", tiré de l'ouvrage ((Beyond Geography: The Western Spirit against the Wilderness)) de Frederick Turner. Dans cet extrait, l'auteur évoque le rapport des colons au bison, animal emblématique réduit à un trophée de chasse ou exploité de manière industrielle, au cours du 19ème siècle dans les Grandes Plaines nord-américaines.

Jean-Daniel Collomb - publié le 17/04/2020

This presentation tackles the significance and legacy of the Transcendentalist understanding of wilderness in US culture. It begins with a brief overview of the largely hostile attitudes toward wilderness that pre-dated Transcendentalism. Then it introduces and analyses the ways in which two prominent Transcendentalist thinkers – Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau – conceived of wilderness. The third part of the presentation explores the influence of Transcendentalist thought on (...)

publié le 23/03/2020

Frances McDormand, an American actress and producer, was invited to the Festival Lumière in Lyon in 2019. She gave a Masterclass in which she talked about being an actress in Hollywood, gender representation and the inclusion rider.

Christine Froula - publié le 12/03/2020

This presentation brings together an American play and an American film inspired by Greek plays: Aeschylus’s ((Suppliants)) and Aristophanes’s ((Lysistrata)). Charles Mee’s gripping drama ((Big Love)) (2000) animates the plot of ((The Suppliants)) to explore the violence of the American socio-economic sex/gender system, moving from male violence to female violence to catharsis to peace. The title of Spike Lee’s brilliant, urgent, visionary utopian film ((Chi-Raq)) (2015) names (...)