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Dernières publications

Louise Bailly - publié le 17/09/2020

Known for his witty aphorisms, fanciful style and extravagant way of life, Oscar Wilde was not only a dandy ((par excellence)) but also a major figure of nineteenth-century literature. In ((The Picture of Dorian Gray)), he expresses his belief that art should be dissociated from moral considerations and creates an anti-hero at odds with traditional protagonists whose virtuous behaviours were meant to be exemplary models.

Louise Bailly - publié le 07/09/2020

Mary Cassatt was a major figure of transatlantic artistic exchanges, the only American who exhibited her paintings alongside the Impressionists in Paris. A strong independent woman and a truly talented artist, Cassatt thought that “Women should be someone and not something.” Although she was considered one of the greatest painters of her time in America and spent sixty years of her life in France, she was long forgotten there after she died.

Coline Pavia - publié le 01/07/2020

Colm Tóibín’s ((Brooklyn)) centres on Eilis Lacey’s migration from Ireland to Brooklyn. The protagonist’s spatial mobility is accompanied by an identity change, as her self evolves when she settles in New York. Although she embarks on an initiatory journey through migration, Eilis faces various forms of immobility: the American territory resembles Ireland, and she is confronted to family duty when she thought she would escape it. This article therefore shows that the protagonist’s (...)

publié le 18/06/2020

Cette page propose une série de ressources afin de traiter en classe des manifestations au lendemain de la mort de George Floyd, du mouvement Black Lives Matter et du racisme institutionnel aux Etats-Unis.

Frédéric Moreau - publié le 14/05/2020

Ce texte est la traduction du chapitre "The Vanishing New World", tiré de l'ouvrage ((Beyond Geography: The Western Spirit against the Wilderness)) de Frederick Turner. Dans cet extrait, l'auteur évoque le rapport des colons au bison, animal emblématique réduit à un trophée de chasse ou exploité de manière industrielle, au cours du 19ème siècle dans les Grandes Plaines nord-américaines.

Jean-Daniel Collomb - publié le 17/04/2020

This presentation tackles the significance and legacy of the Transcendentalist understanding of wilderness in US culture. It begins with a brief overview of the largely hostile attitudes toward wilderness that pre-dated Transcendentalism. Then it introduces and analyses the ways in which two prominent Transcendentalist thinkers – Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau – conceived of wilderness. The third part of the presentation explores the influence of Transcendentalist thought on (...)

publié le 23/03/2020

Frances McDormand, an American actress and producer, was invited to the Festival Lumière in Lyon in 2019. She gave a Masterclass in which she talked about being an actress in Hollywood, gender representation and the inclusion rider.

Christine Froula - publié le 12/03/2020

This presentation brings together an American play and an American film inspired by Greek plays: Aeschylus’s ((Suppliants)) and Aristophanes’s ((Lysistrata)). Charles Mee’s gripping drama ((Big Love)) (2000) animates the plot of ((The Suppliants)) to explore the violence of the American socio-economic sex/gender system, moving from male violence to female violence to catharsis to peace. The title of Spike Lee’s brilliant, urgent, visionary utopian film ((Chi-Raq)) (2015) names (...)

Christine Froula - publié le 21/02/2020

In this talk given at the ENS Lyon, Christine Froula (Northwestern University), author of ((Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Avant-Garde: War, Civilization, Modernity)) (2005), ((Modernism's Body: Sex Culture and Joyce)) (1996) and ((To Write Paradise: Style and Error in Pound's Cantos)) (1985), explores the interplay of inherited literary forms and conventions, contingent features of modernity and aesthetic imagination in the forging of the formally innovative modernist poetics of Joyce’s (...)

Héloïse Lecomte - publié le 13/02/2020

Dans ((The Gathering)), Enright dresse un sombre portrait allégorique de l’Irlande contemporaine. Dans son microcosme familial, Veronica Hegarty est victime d’un déséquilibre mental et émotionnel, en proie au traumatisme causé par le récent suicide de son frère Liam, qui réveille le souvenir d’une terrible expérience survenue dans sa jeunesse, l’agression sexuelle dont elle ou son frère furent victimes et/ou témoins. Enright analyse les effets de l’effondrement des piliers (...)

publié le 31/01/2020

Le Royaume-Uni quitte l'Union européenne ce 31 janvier 2020, mais la période de transition, jusqu'en décembre 2020, s'annonce complexe. Vous trouverez sur cette page de nombreuses ressources pour comprendre cet événement historique et pour aborder le Brexit en classe.

Jumana Bayeh - publié le 30/01/2020

In this talk, Jumana Bayeh (Macquarie University, Sydney), author of ((The Literature of the Lebanese Diaspora: Representations of Place and Transnational Identity)) (2014) outlines her latest project which proposes to trace the representation of borders and the nation-state across a century of Arab writing in English.

Frances McDormand, Nathalie De Biasi - publié le 23/01/2020

Frances McDormand est l’une des invitées d’honneur de la dixième édition du Festival Lumière : comédienne américaine née en 1957, elle a été primée deux fois aux Oscars pour ses rôles dans ((Fargo)) des frères Coen (1996) et ((3 Billboards)) de Martin McDonagh (2017). Suite à la Masterclass donnée à la Comédie Odéon le 14 octobre 2019, elle est venue présenter les deux premiers épisodes de la série ((Olive Kitteridge)) réalisée par Lisa Cholodenko (2014) au Pathé (...)

Nishtha Sharma - publié le 13/01/2020

From the emergence of homosexuality as a subculture to the definition of "camp" and the creation of the Gay Liberation Front, this article explores the perception of male homosexuality in the United Kingdom from the 19th century to the present.

Joshua Cohen, Benjamin Ferguson - publié le 20/12/2019

Joshua Cohen is an American writer and literary critic, whose first collection of essays, ((ATTENTION: Dispatches from a Land of Distraction)) (2019) explores the notion of attention in today's society. In this interview, Joshua Cohen talks about writing for a global readership, being a novelist in the age of non-fiction, the effects of #MeToo on literary production and the invention of facts.

Joshua Cohen - publié le 20/12/2019

Every year, the English-speaking writers invited to the Assises Internationales du Roman write the definition of a word of their choice.

Louise Glen - publié le 21/11/2019

In this presentation given at the DSDEN (Direction des Services Départementaux de l’Éducation Nationale) in Lyon in June 2019, Louise Glen, Senior Education Officer, details the specificities of the Scottish education system.

publié le 14/11/2019

Ken Loach was invited to the Festival Lumière in Lyon to present his new film, ((Sorry We Missed You)), about a family struggling in the wake of the 2008 financial crash. His masterclass at the Comédie Odéon was moderated by Thierry Frémaux, director of the Festival, and Clémentine Autin, a French politician. This resource is an edited transcript of the discussion about the film.

Amitava Kumar, Natacha Lasorak - publié le 25/10/2019

Amitava Kumar is an Indian writer and journalist who teaches literature at Vassar College. In this interview, he talks about his collection of essays ((Away: The Indian Writer as an Expatriate)) (2004) and his novel ((Immigrant, Montana)) (2017), and focuses on the notion of "home", immigration, the caste system and the political situation in India.

Amitava Kumar - publié le 25/10/2019

Every year, the English-speaking writers invited to the Assises Internationales du Roman write the definition of a word of their choice.

Sandrine Soukaï - publié le 19/09/2019

This article examines two Indian novels ((Clear Light of Day)) (1980) by Anita Desai and ((The Shadow Lines)) (1988) by Amitav Ghosh along with ((Burnt Shadows)) (2009) by Anglo-Pakistani novelist Kamila Shamsie, books written about the Partition of India that accompanied independence in 1947. Partition led to violence on an enormous scale; the exact number of people who were killed has never been ascertained, and estimates vary between one and two million. Partition also caused massive (...)

Christine Froula, Sandra Gustafson - publié le 12/09/2019

Christine Froula (Northwestern University) and Sandra Gustafson (University of Notre Dame) were guest lecturers at the ENS de Lyon in May 2019 and participated in a roundtable on Literary Studies in the US today. The roundtable was moderated by Vanessa Guignery and François Specq, both Professors at the ENS.

Marion Coste - publié le 27/06/2019

Cette page propose une série de ressources (vidéos, articles, textes littéraires) en anglais afin de traiter du réchauffement climatique en classe. Les ressources peuvent également être exploitées pour la DNL.

Jeffrey Weeks - publié le 23/05/2019

Jeffrey Weeks is a gay activist and historian specialising in the history of sexuality. His work includes ((Socialism and the New Life)) (1977) and ((Coming Out: Homosexual Politics in Britain from the Nineteenth Century to the Present)) (1977). He was invited at the LGBT Centre in Lyon to talk about his latest book ((What is sexual history)) (2016), which has been translated in French and published by the Presses Universitaires de Lyon. The discussion was moderated by Quentin Zimmerman.

Marion Coste - publié le 12/04/2019

Cette ressource présente le projet des « Brexit Shorts », série de neuf courts-métrages diffusés un an après le résultat du référendum sur la sortie de l’Union européenne. Vous trouverez sur cette page quelques pistes d'analyse, puis la série de courts-métrages dans son intégralité.

Steven Sarson - publié le 28/03/2019

Barack Obama believes that the American nation's founding documents—the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution (including the Bill of Rights)—have been the driving forces of American history and remain the foundations of American politics today. In this talk we will explore Obama's analyses of these documents and of their legacies since, in particular in relation to slavery, the Civil War, Jim Crow, and Civil Rights. We will look at the words of Barack Obama, as derived from his (...)

Olivier Richomme - publié le 25/03/2019

The American Revolution, the Civil War and Reconstruction period, along with the Civil Rights era can be seen as three phases of the same struggle for racial equality in the U.S. The Declaration of Independence established the revolutionary ideal of equality among men. This promise was not fulfilled by the Reconstruction Amendments. Some might argue that the 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 the Voting Rights did not bring about true racial equality. In a sense, the American Revolution can be (...)

Fabien Jeannier - publié le 14/02/2019

Northern Ireland voted against Brexit, with a shorter majority than Scotland. However, Brexit is bound to happen. Although European integration has played an important role in mitigating the border effects with the Republic of Ireland in the context of a post conflict symbolic reconciliation, the Brexit negotiations have raised a very thorny issue: can a border be soft and hard at the same time?

James Thierrée, Nathalie De Biasi - publié le 11/02/2019

James Thierrée est comédien, metteur en scène, acrobate, danseur et musicien, petit-fils de Charlie Chaplin à l’honneur en 2018 au festival à travers une exposition photographique. Il est venu présenter le film ((Certains l’aiment chaud)) de Billy Wilder le 17 octobre 2018 au Cinéma Gérard Philipe de Vénissieux dans le cadre du Festival Lumière et du cycle Nouvelles Restaurations, une programmation de films restaurés récemment pour une nouvelle sortie en salles [meilleure (...)

Anne-Valérie Dulac - publié le 04/02/2019

Cette table ronde sur ((The Duchess of Malfi)), au programme de l’agrégation d’anglais en 2019 et 2020, a clôturé le colloque "John Webster's ((The Duchess of Malfi)) Reconsidered" consacré à la pièce tragique et macabre de John Webster. Lors de ce colloque, fruit d’une collaboration inter-sites (ENS de Lyon et UCA), des spécialistes renommés du théâtre jacobéen ont présenté les dernières avancées de la recherche sur cette pièce qui fut un temps délaissée par la (...)