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William Hogarth - «Four Heads from the Cartoons»

Publié par Clifford Armion le 20/06/2013

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((Four Heads from the Cartoons)) est une gravure de William Hogarth numérisée pour la Clé des langues dans le cadre de "The Hogarth Project".

William Hogarth - Four Heads from the Cartoons
Four Heads from the Cartoons (HD download)

These Heads were copied from the Cartoons at Hampton Court; and Mr. Walpole, speaking of Sir James Thornhill's attention to these celebrated Pictures, has the following remark; "He made copious studies of the heads, hands, and feet, and intended to publish an exact account of the whole for the use of Students; but his work never appeared."

As this Plate was found among others engraved by Hogarth, it might probably have been one of his early performances. His Widow, in 1781, directed a few impressions to be taken from it; which were sold in Leicester Square.


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