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Rachel Cusk: Love narratives

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If it’s true that we use narrative as a frame to make sense of the randomness of our human experience, then the story of romantic love might be seen as reflecting our profoundest anxieties about who and what we are, about what happens to us and why. The love narrative is ostensibly a story of progress, yet its true goal is to achieve an ending, a place of finality where nothing further needs to happen and the tension between fantasy and reality can cease. At the wedding of man and woman a veil is drawn, an ending arrived at: the reader closes the book, for marriage as it is lived represents the re-assertion of reality over narrative...

Living, Thinking, Looking - A conversation with Siri Hustvedt

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Clifford Armion: One of the points in your essays is that a human being, when he grows up and starts using pronouns, becomes a sort of character to his own self.
Siri Hustvedt: What I’m talking about in the essays is what is sometimes called 'reflective self consciousness.' It comes out of the ability in a child to recognise him or herself in a mirror. You’re able to see yourself as an other through the eyes of others. Without that I don’t think we could acquire language, and so writing novels or non-fiction or anything is always predicated on reflective self consciousness of some form or another. Otherwise we wouldn't have any representations. We wouldn’t be symbolic beings...

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