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Les formations en ligne (FLOTs ou MOOCs)

Publié par Marion Coste le 04/05/2016

Cette page vous propose une sélection des formations en ligne en lien avec la sphère anglophone. 

Titre Etablissement porteur Contenu Calendrier
A History of Royal Food and Feasting University of Reading Did you know that Henry VIII ordered the first apricot trees to be planted in England because he couldn’t get enough of them? Or that chocolate was first introduced to England by Charles II to compete with the French court?
On this course, you’ll join expert historians, curators and food scientists from the University of Reading and Historic Royal Palaces, to immerse yourself in the changing tastes of successive generations of royalty and experience the splendour of their palaces - from the Tudors to the 20th century.
Début :
5 semaines
Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching University of Lancaster Dyslexia affects 10-15% of the population. Dyslexic students are often either exempted from the study of additional languages or they underperform in foreign language classes.
This free online course is designed for current and trainee teachers of additional languages. It offers you practical tools, as well as theoretical insights, to best accommodate and meet the needs of students with dyslexia in foreign or second language classes.
Début :
4 semaines
European Culture and Politics University of Groningen  We revisit perceived truths about the meaning of European identity. We examine how cultural knowledge and facts were constructed to further post-World War II integration. We will help you understand and identify the complexities of the contemporary crises of European integration and support you in developing novel responses to these crises.
We cover such topics as European culture, religion, modernity, the nation-state, democracy and the Other.
The course has been developed by the Euroculture programme, a multi-university master’s and research programme on European culture and politics.
Début :
6 semaines
From Crime to Punishment: An Introduction to Criminal Justice University of York What happens when a crime is allegedly committed in the UK? Now’s your chance to find out. On this course you’ll follow a suspect through the journey of investigation, prosecution and adjudication. You’ll step inside the courtroom - discovering how criminal justice processes work in England and Wales - and learn about the criminal law and key institutions like the police and the courts. Début:
4 semaines

England in the Time of King Richard III
University of Leicester The discovery of the skeleton of Richard III in a Leicester car park - and the recent revelations of an infidelity within his family’s bloodline - have made headline news around the world. In this free online course, a team of scholars from the University of Leicester address a broad set of themes about the England Richard would have inhabited in the 15th century and look back at his rediscovery and reinterment. Début:
6 semaines

Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime
University of Glasgow From fakes and fraud, to thefts and trafficking, art crime has turned archaeological sites in Iraq and Syria into “lunar landscapes”, decapitated Buddha sculptures in Cambodia and left empty frames on museum walls. So how do we protect our heritage from theft, illegal sale, and destruction? Delve into the world of art crime and antiquities trafficking with this online course, and get answers from those fighting to save the world’s precious artefacts. Début:
3 semaines

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- Géoconfluences propose une page MOOCs qui recense les formations en ligne en anglais portant sur des notions de géographie. 
- La page "MOOCs en géographie, se former autrement" rappelle le principe des MOOCs.
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