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An interview with Nick Flynn - Assises Internationales du Roman 2012

Par Nick Flynn, Julia Arnous
Publié par Clifford Armion le 05/06/2012

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Nick Flynn took part in the sixth edition of the Assises Internationales du Roman, organised by the Villa Gillet and Le Monde. He answered our questions on Another Bullshit Night in Suck City and his approach to non-fiction.


How do you reconcile the need for distance with potential identification with the people you write about? 00:00
Do you ever feel frustrated with yourself during the writing process? 03:28
Do you think you benefit from your status as an established author? 05:44
Was it important for you to write away from the United States ? 07:58
Your memoirs are sometimes read as a novel: how does that make you feel? 09:19
Are you afraid your father will become a character in a novel instead of remaining the real person he was? 12:18
Is the term "homeless" dangerous? 13:54
You said that a part of your job was to be open to the other, what did you mean ? 14:52
Nick Flynn interviewed by Julia Arnous
Assises Internationales du Roman 2012
Subsistances, Lyon, 01/06/2012

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