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Beowulf meets the dragon

Publié par Clifford Armion le 24/06/2011

He saw by the cave, he who had many virtues, he who had survived many times the battle flashes when troops rush together, a stream running from the stone arch-- a stream of fire.

He could not enter for the dragon's flame. Beowulf was angry, the lord of the Geats, he who stormed in battle. He yelled into the cave.

The hoard-keeper perceived a man's voice and didn't plan to ask for friendship. Flames shot out from among the stones, hot battle-sweat. The ground dinned.

The hero raised his shield against the dreadful stranger. Then the coiled thing sought battle. The war king drew his sword, an ancient heirloom with edges unblunt. Each of them intended horror to the other.

Stouthearted stood that war-prince with his shield upraised, waited in his war-gear. The dragon coiled together, went forth burning, gliding toward his fate.

His shield protected life and body for a shorter time than the prince had hoped. That was the first day he was not granted glory in battle. The lord of the Geats raised his arm, struck the horrible thing with his ancestral sword, but the edge gave way: that bright sword bit less on the bone than the war-king needed.

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