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«Big Brother» - A conversation with Lionel Shriver

Par Lionel Shriver, Clifford Armion : Professeur agrégé d'anglais - ENS de Lyon
Publié par Clifford Armion le 30/06/2015
The author of numerous novels, she won the Orange Prize for ((We Need to Talk About Kevin)), adapted for the screen in 2011 by Lynne Ramsay. Her sarcastic flair is evident in ((Big Brother)): Pandora, a highly successful businesswoman who hasn’t seen her brother—a seductive, boastful, jazz prodigy—in five years finds him obese, neglected, and compulsive. Lionel Shriver provides a keen analysis of our neurotic relationship with food and the alarming increase in obesity in our societies.
Lionel Shriver / Clifford Armion, Collège Hôtel, Lyon (26/05/2015)


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