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04 June 2019 - Trump’s UK visit: from 41-gun salute to protests

Publié par nsharma le 04/06/2019

Everything we know about Donald Trump's state visit to Britain

Samantha Herbert (Telegraph, 03/06/2019)

US President Donald Trump has arrived in Britain for a three-day state visit which he said he expected to be  "very important" and "very interesting" as he left the White House on Sunday evening.

Accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump, the president arrived aboard Air Force One on Monday morning having already created a considerable degree of political turbulence with comments on the Tory leadership race, Brexit and the Duchess of Sussex.

Ahead of the visit, he called on Britain to leave the European Union without a deal if Brussels refuses to meet its demands and urged the Government to send Nigel Farage into the negotiations.

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An absolute state of a visit: what the Trump and Windsor snapshots tell us

Hannah Jane Parkinson (The Guardian, 03/06/2019)

Roll up, roll up! The freakshow is back in town. Which rather loses its impact when our own freakshow has not left town for the past three years, but never mind. Donald Trump is back in the UK for a full state visit. State is the correct word. If Theresa May was determined to bow out on a low, she’s done herself proud.

The president of the United States was said to be bringing along his entire family this time. But despite reports, there seems to be no visual evidence that Tiffany has been allowed out of the White House basement.

The trip is already very much under way. It will probably become more eventful at the Buckingham Palace banquet tonight, when Prince Harry raises the topic of when Trump said he could have slept with Princess Diana. 

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Trump UK visit: New York mayor Bill de Blasio joins forces with Sadiq Khan to blast 'not normal' president

Peter Stubley (The Independent, 04/06/2019)

New York mayor Bill de Blasio has demanded Donald Trump apologise for his “extreme” personal attack on Mr de Blasio’s London counterpart, Sadiq Khan.

The city leaders joined forces to fire back at the US president, who hurled insults at them both on Twitter as he arrived for his state visit to the UK on Monday.

Mr Trump denigrated Mr Khan for his height and compared the Labour mayor to “our very dumb and incompetent Mayor of NYC, de Blasio”.

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Theresa May criticised over 'patronising' tea set gift for Melania Trump

Kevin Schofield (PoliticsHome, 03/06/2019)

By contrast, Donald Trump will be presented with a framed typescript draft of the Atlantic Charter, which was agreed by President Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill during the Second World War.

The historic text, which shows Churchill's handwritten amendments, set out the pair's vision for a post-war world and was one of the first steps towards the formation of the United Nations.

But it is the tea set, designed by Emma Bridgewater, which has raised eyebrows.

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