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Sharing Information: A Day in Your Life

Publié par Clifford Armion le 19/06/2012
Cette page propose, à partir d'une courte animation réalisée par la Federal Trade Commission, des exercices de compréhension générale et détaillée, des questions pour aller plus loin sur le thème de la diffusion des informations personnelles sur Internet, ainsi qu'un point de phonétique.



General comprehension

  1. What issue is being tackled?
  2. Who is the video aimed at?
  3. Why choosing animation and not film?


Detailed comprehension

Part 1

1) Name three services you use every day:



2) Fill in the blanks:

When you use these __________, you're sharing information about yourself. With __________, with __________, while you're __________, while you're __________.

3) Apart from home and mobile uses of the internet, name another context in which many people use the internet. Why is it not mentioned in the film?

Part 2

1) What can happen to the personal information you give away to businesses and websites?

2) Match the following terms with their definitions:

Coupon - A company that connects advertisers to web sites that want to host advertisements.
Prescription - Marketing efforts that reward regular customers with advantages and discounts.
Loyalty cards - A plan of care written by a physician or other health care professional.
Ad network - A ticket or document that can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product.

3) Quote six types of personal data that can end up being shared or sold by businesses:






4) What is an "all about me quiz"? What makes it particularly precious to ad networks?

Part 3

1) What adjective is used to suggest that the day taken as an example in the document is like any other day?

2) Complete the following sentence:

You've ________________ of business, _________ free services, __________ some good deals.

3) What questions do you have to ask yourself when giving away personal data? (use your own words)


Going further

1) Were the questions raised by the video familiar to you?

2) Have you ever noticed how websites and social networks use keywords from your searches and profiles to present you with ads or offers that correspond to your tastes? Tell the class about your experience of the web...

3) This is an official video from the Federal Trade Commission. Do you think the French authorities are paying enough attention to this issue? Were you sufficiently informed when you started using the web? What ought to be done?


Phonetics: intonation in WH- questions

1) Listen carefully to the two questions that conclude the video. Do they have a rising or falling intonation?

2) Complete this statement:

Contrary to most YES/NO questions that use __________ intonation, WH- questions (information questions) use __________ intonation.


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