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«Free Angela and All Political Prisoners»

Publié par Clifford Armion le 28/02/2014
((Free Angela and All Political Prisoners)) is a documentary that chronicles the events surrounding the trial of Angela Davis in 1971. It was directed by Shola Lynch and released in 2012 (US).


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General comprehension

1) What is the nature of the document?

  • A music video
  • A propaganda message
  • A film trailer

2) What period and context does the background music evoke?

3) What kind of film is introduced by the document?

Detailed comprehension

Part 1
1) Fill in the blanks:

There is a ___________ to wipe out, to _________ every single _____  ________ and the black community as a ________.

2) What were the four reasons why Agela Davis was viewed as 'problem creating'?

3) What word is used by Angela Davis when describing the abuses undergone by the black community in the US? In your opinion, why did she choose this term?

Part 2
1) What famous black power movement begins in the 1960's?

2) Who stood against Angela Davis?

3) What is said about the 'system' in the United States?

4) On which FBI list did Angela Davis appear?

5) Why did her arrest become a symbol of the oppression of black people?

Part 3
1) What metaphore is used to stress the inequality of the struggle that opposed Angela Davis to American justice?

2) What were the consequences of her arrest?

3) What is black power equated with?

4) Fill in the blanks:

"In that period the revolution was __________________________ and we had to do everything we could to _________ it ____."


Phonetics: the nuclear stress

1) Watch the video again and pay particular attention to the following phrases and sentences when they are spoken:

  • There is a conspiracy
  • Brothers and sisters this is genocide
  • We have to talk about being radical
  • Regan believed that she was dangerous
  • Black power means dignity

In each sentence, underline one word which is particularly emphasised by the speaker.

2) Complete the following rule: In every sentence or intonative phrase, one word bears a particularly stong stress: it is called the nucleus. The nuclear stress usually falls on the _______ word of the sentence.

3) What kind of words are emphasised?

4) Read this page to learn more about the nuclear stress.


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