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Les formations en ligne (FLOTs ou MOOCs)

Cette page vous propose une sélection de formations en ligne en lien avec la sphère anglophone.
Titre Établissement porteur Contenu Calendrier
Women on the Move Université de Picardie Jules Verne With 8 classes, the MOOC opens with a section on historiography and methods, which shows the evolution of scholarship on women's migration and the qualitative and quantitative tools used to research women's migration. The second class is on women at sea with an overview on women's work on board ships and harbours in past and present contexts and in wide geographical contexts. Class 3 focuses on women's migration and education in past and present contexts. The fourth class is on art and women's migration. It offers an overview on women's migration in artistic and cultural contexts. Class 5 deals with intersectionality and queer migration, and it unpacks concepts such as intersectionality and gender, and how sexualities affect women's migration. The sixth class focuses on conflict migration and peacebuilding, reflecting on women's migration in wartime contexts, situations of conflicts, and their peacebuilding activities. Class 7 focuses on women migrants' access to citizenship in past and present contexts. The final class offers an overview on women migrants' access to human rights in past and present contexts. The MOOC ends with an escape game. Début : 05/06/2023
8 semaines
U.S. Political Institutions: Congress, Presidency, Courts, and Bureaucracy Harvard University How do the three branches of government operate? How is power shared among Congress, the president, and the Supreme Court? What role is played by federal agencies that have no direct constitutional authority oftheir own? Début : 22/01/2024
2-4 weeks
Teaching Languages for Specific Purposes (LSPs) CATAPULT Project The course aims to meet the needs of 21st century LSP teachers by offering them training in both LSP pedagogies and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) integration. The course will enable them to develop some of the key competences identified in the CATAPULT project (see the common competence framework – CCF). Début : 08/04/2024
10 semaines