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Precarious Borders: The Nation-State and Arab Diaspora Literature

Par Jumana Bayeh : Senior Lecturer - Macquarie University
Publié par Marion Coste le 30/01/2020

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In this talk, Jumana Bayeh (Macquarie University, Sydney), author of ((The Literature of the Lebanese Diaspora: Representations of Place and Transnational Identity)) (2014) outlines her latest project which proposes to trace the representation of borders and the nation-state across a century of Arab writing in English.

This talk was part of the "Lectures in English Studies" programme of the Department of English at the ENS de Lyon and was organized by Vanessa Guignery.


Introduction 00:11
  • Interdisciplinary framework of the project
  • Analyzing the border
  • Innovations of the project
1. Key thematic theories 21:23
  • The nation-state and History
  • Border security and national identity
  • Transcending the nation-state
  • The nation-state, gender and sexuality
2. Conceptual framework and methodology of the project 28:55
  • Peter Burke's approach to cultural history
  • Postcolonial and diaspora studies 
3. Gathering materials 32:49
  • Primary data: collection and classification
  • Archival and secondary material research
  • Contextualized analysis and publications
Conclusion 45:39

Further analysis

  •  Benedict Anderson's Imagined Communities (1983): need for a more historical and cultural approach to understand the formation of the nation-states; concept of "homogeneous empty time" [9.25 → 10.30].
  • Homi Bhabha's Nation and Narration (1990): need for a multi-sided vision of the nation; however, this does not include a transnational dimension (especially in the case of displaced communities) [10.30  11.30].
  • Agamben's concept of the state of exception; analysis of the border; borders exist between nations but also within nations [24.11  24.34]
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Jumana Bayeh, "Precarious Borders: The Nation-State and Arab Diaspora Literature ", La Clé des Langues [en ligne], Lyon, ENS de LYON/DGESCO (ISSN 2107-7029), janvier 2020. Consulté le 20/05/2024. URL: https://cle.ens-lyon.fr/anglais/litterature/litterature-postcoloniale/precarious-borders-the-nation-state-and-arab-diaspora-literature