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22 March 2018 - Nigel Farage Throws Dead Fish in the Thames in Protest over Brexit Negotations

Publié par Marion Coste le 22/03/2018

Nigel Farage dumps dead fish in Thames in protest over Brexit transition deal

Aubrey Allegretti (Sky News, 21/03/2018)

Nigel Farage dumped dead fish into the Thames as he led a protest against the Government's Brexit transition deal.

The former UKIP leader and other Leave campaigners sailed on a fishing trawler dubbed "HMS Brexit", stopping outside Parliament to ceremonially throw crates of dead haddock overboard.

Watching on from the Commons balcony were a small gathering of MPs - including Tory Sir Desmond Swayne, carrying a Union Jack flag.

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You know Brexit is getting serious when Nigel Farage returns to chuck haddock into the Thames

Tom Peck (The Independent, 21/03/2018)

The corridors and anterooms of the Palace of Westminster are filled with paintings of great men on the Commons terrace.

Keir Hardie lingers behind Edward Grey as a silent drum beats lead the march to war. The monocled eye of Joseph Chamberlain meets the narrow horizon, his placid countenance concealing a heart of beaten metal.

Where they stand Claude Monet once gazed, brush in hand, through fog and sun.

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HMS Brexit sticks it to the man – by tossing two dead fish overboard

John Crace (The Guardian, 21/03/2018)

As the 10-metre fishing boat Holladays R8 – aka HMS Brexit – approached Embankment Pier on the Thames shortly after 8.30am, a Transport for London official came running down the jetty.

“You can’t tie up here,” he yelled.

“Why not?” the skipper shouted back.

“Because you don’t have a permit.”


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"I'm Not A Fish Thrower": Jacob Rees-Mogg Denies Thames Trawler Stunt

Nick Ferrari (LBC, 20/03/2018)

Jacob Rees-Mogg denied he is to throw dead fish into the Thames in a protest against the government's position on fishing rights, insisting: "I'm not a fish thrower".

Reports suggested that the popular MP, leader of a 60-strong group of Eurosceptic Conservative MPs, would board a boat and pass by Parliament throwing fish into the Thames in protest at the alleged “sellout”.

But speaking to LBC this morning, Mr Rees-Mogg insisted that was not the case.

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