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16 November 2018 - Theresa May Vows to See Brexit Through Despite Resignations of Key Ministers

Publié par Marion Coste le 16/11/2018

Brexit: I am going to see this through, says Theresa May

(BBC News, 15/11/2018)

Theresa May has dismissed speculation she could be ousted as prime minister over her Brexit agreement, saying: "I am going to see this through."

Despite a series of ministers resigning and talk of a no-confidence vote, she vowed to get the deal signed off in Brussels and to put it to MPs.

"The course I have set out is the right one for our country," she said.

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Pound drops sharply after Dominic Raab and Esther McVey resign from cabinet

Ben Chapman (The Independent, 15/11/2018)

The pound has suffered its worst day against the dollar since 2016 following the resignation of two members of Theresa May's cabinet.

Sterling slumped more than 1.8 per cent against both the dollar and the euro, after Brexit secretary Domic Raab and work and pensions secretary Esther Mcvey both stepped down saying the could not back the deal. 

Political turmoil mounted on Thursday morning just hours after a Brexit deal had supposedly received "collective" support from the cabinet.

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Theresa May’s Brexit deal gives everyone something to hate

Anne Applebaum (The Washington Post, 15/11/2018)

Finally, after many months and a million leaks, the 585-page Brexit agreement has been published. It is available and downloadable. Theresa May, the British prime minister, has finished her negotiations with the European Union.

To put it differently: Finally, after many months and a million leaks, May has made a choice from among all of the bad alternatives on offer. She has signed an agreement that is absolutely guaranteed to be unpopular and will make her unpopular. Already, members of her own party are calling for a vote of no confidence in her government. Two of her cabinet ministers have resigned, and more may be coming. The agreement may never pass the House of Commons; at the moment, it’s hard to see how it commands a majority.

And yet: Finally, after many months and a million leaks, it’s become clear that nobody could have negotiated anything better. There aren’t any better deals available.

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Northern Ireland re-named ‘West Belgium’ in Brexit deal

(The Daily Mash, 14/11/2018)

The finalised Brexit deal imposes full EU rules on Northern Ireland, changes its official language to Flemish, bans religion and renames it West Belgium.

The deal also creates a 190-mile tidal barrier down the length of the Irish Sea which UK citizens can only cross via a customs point on the Isle of Man but EU citizens can pass through wherever they like.

EU negotiator Michel Barnier said: “I don’t think anyone can have any problem with this.

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