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15 October 2018 - Kererū crowned New Zealand's Bird of the Year

Publié par Marion Coste le 15/10/2018

New Zealand bird of the year: 'drunk, gluttonous' kererū pigeon wins

Eleanor Ainge Roy (The Guardian, 14/10/2018)

A native green and bronze wood pigeon with a taste for fermented fruit has been named the 2018 bird of the year in New Zealand.

The kererū is endemic to the country and can be found in both the North and South islands, living in cities as well as rural areas. Although quiet and reclusive by nature, kererū have earned a reputation as the drunkest bird in New Zealand, and been known to fall from trees after consuming rotting fruit left lying on the ground. During the summer when fruit is in abundance drunk kererū are sometimes taken to wildlife centres to sober up.

Described by conservation group Forest and Bird as “clumsy, drunk, gluttonous and glamorous,” the Kererū population is not endangered, but is vulnerable to attacks by predators such as feral cats and stoats, and also competes with possums for food.

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Big bird: Kererū crowned New Zealand's Bird of the Year

Ben Leahy (New Zealand Herald, 15/10/2018)

New Zealand's native wood pigeon, the kererū, has swooped in to claim the Bird of the Year competition.

Amassing 5833 votes in the annual competition run by conservation group Forest & Bird, the kererū, kūkūpa, or wood pigeon, as it is variously known, finished well ahead of the second-placed kākāpō on 3772 votes.

It's the first time the kererū has taken top spot.

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Forest and Bird's Bird of the Year voting hacked - again

Leith Huffadine (Stuff New Zealand, 05/10/2018)

Attempting to hack the voting for Forest and Bird's Bird of the Year competition appears to becoming a yearly event.

This year, its the shag that's the centre of the dodgy vote scandal.

Forest and Bird revealed on Twitter that the shag received 310 "dubious" votes from an IP address in Australia.

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Kererū soars away with Bird of the Year win

Alice Webb-Liddall (NewsHub, 15/10/2018)

The kererū has taken out this year's Bird of the Year competition.

Collecting a total of 5833 votes, the kererū cooed its way to the top of the voting early, and managed to cling to the lead against strong competition from the kākāpō and the kakī.

The kererū campaign was led by a strong team this year, including Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick, who helped to create memes to gather support for the native wood pigeon.

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