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15 November 2018 - Prince Charles Turns 70

Publié par Marion Coste le 15/11/2018

The Guardian view on Prince Charles at 70: he was the future once

Editorial (The Guardian, 13/11/2018)

On Remembrance Sunday, amid all the trappings of tradition, the British people caught a glimpse of the future. As in 2017, it was Prince Charles, rather than his 92-year-old mother, who led the nation in its public commemoration of its war dead. The prince has increasingly been deputising for the Queen at public functions for some time now. Given that the Queen’s own mother lived to 101, the transition may still be a long one. But it is another public reminder that post-Elizabethan Britain will look, and probably feel, rather different.

On Wednesday, Prince Charles turns 70. Most people of that age have either retired or are winding down in some ways. Charles is different. The purpose of his life is still ahead of him. No one has prepared more thoroughly for that moment than he has. Charles has been heir to the throne for longer – 66 years and counting – than anyone in British history. If and when he succeeds his mother, he will be by some distance – William IV holds the current record at 64 – the oldest monarch on accession too.

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The Queen praises 'passionate and creative' Charles on his 70th birthday

(ITV News, 14/11/2018)

The Queen has paid a heartfelt tribute to the Prince of Wales on his 70th birthday, describing him as a "dedicated and respected heir to the throne to stand comparison with any in history".

The head of state rarely makes public comments about her children but she used a black-tie dinner staged in Charles's honour to praise him as "his own man, passionate and creative".

She added he was a "wonderful father" at the event at Buckingham Palace.

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Remembering Prince Charles’ beard on his 70th birthday

Jessica Lindsay (Metro, 14/11/18)

Charles was born on 14 November 1948, five years before his mother was crowned Queen, and he’s been involved with royal duties for most of his life.

 It’s hard to imagine His Royal Highness looking different to how he does now, particularly as he’s been on our screens a lot recently what with all the royal weddings.

However, Prince Charles used to be quite the dapper youngster, sporting a beard worthy of any Shoreditch coffee shop.

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Charles’ red squirrel ‘infatuation’ revealed in Country Life magazine

(BT News, 14/11/2018)

The Prince of Wales has spoken of his passion for cooking grouse and how he lets red squirrels run around his home.

Charles has edited the latest edition of Country Life and reveals in the magazine how he leaves nuts for the “incredibly special creatures” to find in his jacket pockets.

He has created a variation on the famous Greek dish moussaka substituting grouse for lamb and calling it “groussaka” – and talks to his rare breed turkeys.

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