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15 June 2018 - Eurydice Dixon's murder sparks national debate about violence against women in Australia

Publié par Marion Coste le 15/06/2018

‘Men need to change’: anger grows over police response to Eurydice Dixon's murder

Melissa Davey (The Guardian, 15/06/2018)

Shortly before midnight on Tuesday Eurydice “Ridi” Dixon texted a friend to say she was almost home.

The comedian had finished a gig at the Highlander Bar in the city and was making her way across Princes Park in Melbourne’s north.

Thousands make similar journeys through the popular park every day and night - students from the nearby University of Melbourne, runners, cyclists, commuters heading to and from the city.

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Don't let Eurydice Dixon's death be a 'cautionary tale'

Clementine Ford (The Sydney Morning Herald, 15/06/2018)

The woman whose body was found at Princes Park in Melbourne’s inner north in the early hours of Tuesday morning has been identified as 22-year-old comedian Eurydice Dixon.

A 19-year-old man who handed himself in to police has been charged with one count of rape and one count of murder.

It’s difficult to respond to cases such as these, not least because of the perceived risk of jeopardising any legal proceedings. Ultimately, the facts of the case will be determined by the courts.

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Eurydice Dixon murder: why women are sick of being told to 'stay safe'

Bianca Fileborn (ABC News, 15/06/2018)

This week, a man allegedly raped and murdered a young woman — emerging comedian Eurydice Dixon — as she walked home from a comedy gig. Nineteen-year-old Jaymes Todd has since been charged with one count of murder and one count of rape.

In the wake of yet another tragic — but, importantly, not unavoidable — loss of a woman's life, police predictably advised people to "stay safe" by engaging in a range of "protective" strategies.

The social media response was swift, with the police comments quickly denounced as yet another example of the ways in which we deflect the blame for men's violence back onto women.

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Melbourne comedians pay tribute to 'universally loved' Eurydice Dixon

Simone Fox Koob (The Age, 14/06/2018)

Melbourne comedians have lent their voices to an outpouring of grief for young comic Eurydice Dixon who was found dead in an inner-city park on Wednesday.

The city's comedy and arts community has been rocked by the loss of the aspiring 22-year-old comedian, who has been remembered as a "universally loved" and talented artist.

On Twitter, Julia Morris said she was shattered to hear of Ms Dixon's death on Thursday.

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