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09 January 2018 - Theresa May's Cabinet Reshuffle

Publié par Marion Coste le 09/01/2018

Theresa May's Cabinet reshuffle backfires as education secretary Justine Greening refuses new role and quits
(Evening Standard, 09/01/2018)

Theresa May’s bid to reshuffle her Cabinet has backfired after Jeremy Hunt reportedly turned down a new role in the business department and former education secretary Justine Greening quit.

Ms Greening left after refusing to be switched to the Department for Work and Pensions, despite fighting her corner in a meeting with the Prime Minister for two hours.

In a mostly cautious reshuffle, Mrs May left all senior Cabinet ministers in place and failed to move a swathe of middle-ranking members who had been widely reported to be facing the axe.

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Theresa May's cabinet: Who's in and who's out?
(BBC News, 09/01/2018)
The prime minister has carried out a new year cabinet reshuffle, prompted by her sacking of Damian Green last month from his job as first secretary of state.

Here is a guide to the key members of Theresa May's cabinet now.

Botched Reshuffle
Tory chairman defends Theresa May's botched reshuffle
Rowena Mason and Anushka Asthana (The Guardian, 09/01/2018)
Theresa May’s new party chairman has defended a reshuffle that descended into disarray after ministers refused to move and Justine Greening quit the government in protest at losing her job as education secretary.

Brandon Lewis, who is charged with overhauling the Conservative party’s organisation, insisted May was in control and had succeeded in bringing in new talent.

He named Matt Hancock, the new culture secretary, Damian Hinds, the new education secretary, Caroline Nokes, an immigration minister and Claire Perry, a business minister, as signs that fresh faces would be seen around the cabinet table.

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Theresa May
Nothing has changed! The day Theresa May’s big, bold reshuffle fell apart
Michael Deacon (The Telegraph, 08/01/2018)
Was that it? All those days of hype, all those rumours of new roles for “big beasts”, all that talk of “refreshing” the Prime Minister’s “top team”... and yet, in the end, hardly anything happened. Theresa May’s big reshuffle never got going.

For the most part, what we saw instead was a procession of ministers trotting into No10, and then, a little later, trotting nonchalantly out again, to return to whatever job they’d already been doing. Philip Hammond would carry on being Chancellor; Amber Rudd would carry on being Home Secretary; Boris Johnson would carry on being Foreign Secretary; and David Davis would carry on being Swiss Toni, the used-car salesman from The Fast Show. (“Y’see… Paul… reporting on a Cabinet reshuffle is very much like making love to a beautiful woman. You wait months for it to happen, you get dangerously over-excited, and then the whole thing turns out to be a terrible...

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