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03 May 2018 - Jacinda Ardern asks why New Zealand is left off world maps in new tourism campaign

Publié par Marion Coste le 03/05/2018

Conspiracy to keep New Zealand off world maps: Rhys Darby, Jacinda Ardern

(New Zealand Herald, 02/05/2018)

Kiwi comedian Rhys Darby has teamed up with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to get to the bottom of why New Zealand is disappearing on world maps.

In a video posted to Facebook, Darby said there was a "big conspiracy going down", and he needed Ardern's help to return Aotearoa to the world's map books.

"New Zealand, where the bloody hell are ya?"

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Rhys Darby needs help with New Zealand’s ‘next great conspiracy’

(New Zealand Times, 02/05/2018)

New Zealand Tourism are back with their usual giggly, marketing gold. This time, they’ve involved the prime minster and a certain Flight of the Conchords character.

Indeed, Rhys Darby calls on Jacinda Ardern for help solving the ‘next great conspiracy’ – why the country keeps getting left off world maps.

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New Zealand prime minister launches campaign to get country put back on world maps

Joanna Whitehead (The Telegraph, 02/05/2018)

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern and Rhys Darby, famous for New Zealand comedy smash Flight Of The Conchords, have teamed up in a 2.5 minute spoof video which aims to put New Zealand back on the map.

The tongue-in-cheek tourism campaign raises a serious point: that New Zealand is frequently missed off world maps.

As a consequence of this oversight, a subreddit, MapsWithoutNZ, was created last year, where nearly 30,000 subscribers can submit their examples of the latest blunder.

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'New Zealand where the bloody hell are you?': Jacinda Ardern's bid to stop country being left off world maps

Sophie Williams (Evening Standard, 02/05/2018)

New Zealand's Prime Minister has featured in a new campaign attempting to crack the mystery of why the country is often left off world maps.

Jacinda Ardern stars alongside Flight of the Conchords' Rhys Darby in the new tourism advert titled "New Zealand, where the bloody hell are you."

The advert was sparked by an increasing number of incidents where the country was omitted from world maps on items including greeting cards and a John Lewis tea towel.

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