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30 June 2023 - Supreme Court ends Affirmative Action

Publié par Annalena Geisler le 30/06/2023

Supreme Court rejects affirmative action, ending use of race as factor in college admissions

Melissa Quinn (CBS News, 29/06/23)

The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that race-conscious admission policies of Harvard College and the University of North Carolina violate the Constitution, bringing an end to affirmative action in higher education in a decision that will reverberate across campuses nationwide.

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The gutting of affirmative action is a ‘clear and present danger’ to equal education, critics say

Nicquel Terry Ellis (CNN, 29/06/23)

The Supreme Court’s landmark decision to bar colleges and universities from considering race as a specific basis for admission will make it more difficult for schools to achieve a diverse student population, civil rights leaders and education advocates say.

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Here’s What Happened After Affirmative Action Ended In These 4 States

Antonio Pequeño (Forbes, 30/06/23)

The effects of the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down affirmative action will take time to materialize—but a 2013 Harvard study found that after affirmative action ended in key states “sharp declines” in the workplace followed for Asian women, Black women and Hispanic men.

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Colleges can still grab that trombonist

Neil Steinberg (Chicago Sun Times, 30/06/23)

Plucking race off the table doesn’t make sense to anyone familiar with how colleges pick students.

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A majority of Americans say race should not be a factor in college admissions

Ruth Igielnik (The New York Times, 29/06/23)

The Pew survey shows a clear divide along racial and ethnic lines: A majority of white and Asian adults disapprove of racial consideration in admissions, while Black Americans largely approve and Hispanics are about evenly split.

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