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30 March 2023 - Guardian owner apologises for founders’ links to transatlantic slavery

Publié par Marion Coste le 30/03/2023

The Guardian's owner apologises for historical slave trade links

(BBC News, 29/03/2023)

The trust which owns The Guardian has apologised for its Mancunian founders' links to the slave trade.

The Scott Trust said in the newspaper millions of pounds would be dedicated to "descendant communities linked to the Guardian's 19th Century founders".

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The Guardian says sorry for slavery links and sets up £10m reparation fund

James Warrington (The Telegraph, 28/03/2023)

The Guardian has apologised for historic links to slavery and set up a £10m reparation fund after a three-year investigation into itself.

The Scott Trust, which owns Guardian Media Group, plans to launch a decade-long programme of “restorative justice” to make up for the role the newspaper’s founders played in the transatlantic slave trade.

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David Olusoga on the Guardian’s links to slavery: ‘That reality can’t be negotiated with’ 

David Olusoga (The Guardian, 28/03/2023)

The historians Prof David Olusoga and Dr Cassandra Gooptar reveal how the Manchester Guardian’s 19th-century founders had connections to transatlantic enslavement and how a ‘trick of history’ has obscured our understanding of the links between slavery and Britain’s Industrial Revolution.

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As The Guardian pays £10m slavery reparations, AN WILSON says it's a simple-minded war on history

An Wilson (The Daily Mail, 28/03/2023)

Until quite recently, British boys and girls were taught history which made them proud. Then there was an in-between period in which they were taught, yes, to take pride in some of their history, but also to realise that history is a bloody business and our ancestors sometimes did things which we should question or even abhor.

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