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28 February 2023 - The Windsor Framework: a new post-Brexit deal on Northern Ireland

Publié par Marion Coste le 28/02/2023

Windsor Framework: What are the main points of the new UK-EU deal?

Naomi O'Leary (The Irish Times, 27/02/2023)

The European Union and United Kingdom have announced a political agreement in principle on a deal to resolve the long-standing dispute over Northern Ireland’s post-Brexit arrangements, known as the Northern Ireland protocol.

So, what’s in the new agreement, known as the Windsor framework?

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Northern Ireland protocol: key issues revised deal must address

Lisa O'Carroll (The Guardian, 27/02/2023)

Named the “new Windsor framework”, the revised Northern Ireland protocol has been described as a “decisive breakthrough” by Rishi Sunak and European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen.

What does it mean and what are the big breakthroughs?

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Rishi Sunak promises 'beginning of a new chapter' as he unveils 'Windsor Framework' deal on Brexit

Alix Culbertson (Sky News, 27/02/2023)

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has outlined details of the "new Windsor Framework" agreed with the European Union to overcome trade barriers in Northern Ireland following Brexit.

The prime minister said the agreement was a "historic" and a "decisive breakthrough" that "delivers smooth-flowing trade within the whole of the United Kingdom, protects Northern Ireland's place in our union and safeguards sovereignty for the people of Northern Ireland".

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Inside the deal: How Boris Johnson’s departure paved the way for a grand Brexit bargain

Cristina Gallardo and Esther Webber (Politico, 28/02/2023)

 It was clear when Boris Johnson was forced from Downing Street that British politics had changed forever.

But few could have predicted that less than six months later, all angry talk of a cross-Channel trade war would be a distant memory, with Britain and the EU striking a remarkable compromise deal over post-Brexit trade rules in Northern Ireland.

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