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26 May 2023 - Emerging US Debt Deal Would Raise Limit, Cap Spending for Two Years

Publié par Marion Coste le 26/05/2023

Debt ceiling deal within sight as Biden and Republicans continue to negotiate

Joan E. Greve (The Guardian, 26/05/2023)

Joe Biden and Republican lawmakers on Thursday appeared to be nearing a deal to cut spending and raise the debt ceiling, with little time to spare to avoid a potential default that could wreak havoc on the economy and global markets.

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Democrats have warning for White House that their support for debt deal is not guaranteed

Annie Grayer, Manu Raju and Melanie Zanona (CNN, 26/05/2023)

Rep. Susan Wild, one of the country’s most politically vulnerable Democrats, made her displeasure known over the White House’s handling of talks to raise the debt ceiling with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

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White House, GOP negotiators inching closer to deal in debt ceiling crisis

Weijia Jiang, Nikole Killion (CBS News, 25/05/2023)

With a deadline looming in the debt ceiling crisis, negotiators for the White House and House Republican leaders were closing in on a deal that would stave off a government default.

The potential deal would raise the debt limit for about two years and cap federal spending at the same level as fiscal year 2023 for two years, CBS News learned Thursday evening.

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Democrats unanimously back debt ceiling discharge petition

Mike Lillis (The Hill, 24/05/2023)

Every House Democrat has endorsed the discharge petition to force a vote on legislation to hike the debt ceiling and prevent a default, party leaders announced Wednesday.

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