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24 January 2023 - Australian government to lead historic Medicare overhaul

Publié par Marion Coste le 24/01/2023

Anthony Albanese says outdated Medicare needs ‘urgent shake up’

Ellen Ransley (Perth Now, 22/01/2023)

Medicare is set to undergo its most significant overhaul since its inception, potentially opening up primary care delivery to nurses and pharmacists.

The government says strengthening Medicare is its “highest priority”, as Australians are being left unable to get the care they need - either because of blown out waiting times, or higher fees.

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Albanese Government leads historic Medicare overhaul amid rampant cost blow outs and ballooning GP wait times

Yashee Sharma (Sky News, 23/01/2023)

A crippling doctor shortage, decline in bulk billing and greater costs and demand has forced the Labor Government to revamp an outdated Medicare system.

According to The Australian a proposed "blended" funding model would open primary care delivery to nurses, pharmacists and other allied health professionals who would work together in teams  – the biggest change in Medicare history.

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Health Minister Mark Butler to speak on Medicare system funding overhaul

(News.com, 23/01/2023)

This afternoon the Health Minister Mark Butler will front the media to talk about his plans for an overhaul of the country’s Medicare system.

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Medicare facing biggest overhaul in 40 years amid rising fees

(9News, 23/01/2023)

Medicare is facing its biggest overhaul in 40 years, which could see funding opened to nurses and paramedics.

An upcoming report from the government's Strengthening Medicare Taskforce recommends changing the current funding model, moving from subsidising GP consultations alone to wrapping in care provided by nurses and paramedics.

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