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22 May 2023 - Martin Amis Dies Aged 73

Publié par Marion Coste le 21/05/2023

Martin Amis: Celebrated British novelist dies aged 73

Sean Seddon (BBC News, 21/05/2023)

Martin Amis, one of the most celebrated British novelists of his generation, has died aged 73.

He died of oesophageal cancer at his Florida home, the New York Times said, quoting his wife, the writer Isabel Fonseca.

Amis is best known for his 1984 novel Money and the 1989 work London Fields.

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Martin Amis: he stamped his style over a generation of writers and readers

John Self (The Guardian, 20/05/2023)

"The information is telling me –” wrote Martin Amis in his 1995 novel The Information. “The information is telling me to stop saying hi and to start saying bye.” It was an intimation of mortality typical of Amis, who died on Friday at the age of 73 – as interested in how stylishly the thought was expressed as in what it was expressing.

The Information was published when Amis was 45 years old: for almost half his life he was overwhelmingly interested in the end of life. In London Fields (1989), written in his 30s, he said that “Death gives us something to do. Because it’s a full-time job looking the other way.”

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Martin Amis was a comic genius – his exile was our loss

Jake Kerridge (The Telegraph, 20/05/2023)

There was a time when Martin Amis was the epitome of literary chic. Carrie Bradshaw was seen reading his novels in bed in Sex and the City. No clever young male novelist escaped the accusation of operating under the influence of Amis. Here was an author so fashionable among the chattering classes that publishers rushed to pay him astronomical advances, even if his sales fell somewhat short of justifying them.

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Martin Amis, British writer who cast caustic eye on society, dies at 73

Brian Murphy (The Washington Post, 20/05/2023)

Martin Amis, whose dark and wry dissections of modern culture and its excesses helped redefine the British literary scene with sharp-edged prose and an image as a truth-telling provocateur, died May 19 at his home in Lake Worth, Fla. He was 73.

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