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21 September 2023 - Rishi Sunak backtracks on Net Zero policies

Publié par Marion Coste le 21/09/2023

Rishi Sunak’s anti-green turn on Britain’s climate targets

(The Economist, 20/09/2023)

In a hastily arranged speech on September 20th, Rishi Sunak promised a “new approach” to Britain’s climate policy. The prime minister snipped at his predecessors for imposing unnecessary costs on people rather than letting them choose when to make changes.

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Tories at war over Rishi Sunak’s betrayal of net zero pledge

Adam Forrest and Archie Mitchell (The Independent, 21/09/2023)

Rishi Sunak has sparked a furious civil war in the Tory party after backtracking on a key government climate pledge to reach net zero.

After 24 hours of frenetic political briefing, the prime minister held a hastily convened press conference at Downing Street to announce that the 2030 ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars – and gas boilers – would be pushed back to 2035.

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Rishi Sunak watering down green pledges not a 'cynical ploy' but what is 'right', says business secretary

Tim Baker (Sky News, 21/09/2023)

Rishi Sunak's watering down of climate pledges is not a "cynical ploy" - but is rather the prime minister doing "what is right", Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch has said.

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Sunak should be wary of backtracking on net zero – what history tells us about flip-flopping on the environment

Marc Hudson (The Conversation, 20/09/2023)

Rishi Sunak has delivered a speech in which he announced delays to key net zero targets, including postponing the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars until 2035. It is a remarkable event given that the UK Conservative party has at least paid lipservice to environmental concerns for the last 50 years, at times even outflanking Labour.

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