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19 October 2023 - Jim Jordan fails in second US House speaker vote

Publié par Marion Coste le 19/10/2023

GOP’s Jim Jordan fails again on vote for House speaker as frustrated Republicans search for options

Lisa Mascaro, Farnoush Amiri and Stephen Groves (Reuters, 19/10/2023)

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan failed again Wednesday on a crucial second ballot to become House speaker, but the hard-fighting ally of Donald Trump showed no signs of dropping out despite losing support from even more of his GOP colleagues.

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The House Mess Is What GOP Voters Wanted

Tom Nichols (The Atlantic, 18/10/2023)

The ongoing drama over electing a speaker of the House is not about governance. It’s about giving Republican voters the drama-filled reality show they voted for and want to see—even at the expense of the country.

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Jim Jordan’s Speaker Candidacy Is Neither Dead Nor Alive

Ben Mathis-Lilley (Slate, 18/10/2023)

On Monday, Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan appeared close to becoming speaker of the House. But on Tuesday, only 200 members of his 221-member party caucus voted for his candidacy on the House floor. 

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Jim Jordan’s Dilemma Is What Happens When Bullying Backfires

Philip Elliott (TIME Magazine, 18/10/2023)

Rep. Jim Jordan seemed to be in a somewhat surprised self-pitying mood Wednesday as he came off a second failed attempt at seizing the House Speaker’s gavel. 

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