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16 October 2023 - Australia Rejects ‘Voice’ Referendum

Publié par Marion Coste le 16/10/2023

Voice to Parliament referendum has been heavily defeated nationally and in all states

Adrian Beaumont (The Conversation, 14/10/2023)

The Voice to Parliament referendum has failed convincingly after the ABC projected large victories for the “no” side in the national vote and all states.

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Beyond No, here’s what we know about the Voice results

Tim Leslie, Ashley Kyd, Julian Fell, Ben Spraggon and Matt Liddy (ABC News, 14/10/2023)

Australians in all six states have said a resounding NO to a Voice to Parliament, sinking a years-long campaign for Indigenous constitutional recognition.

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‘Denied by Australia. Now expect us to fight like never before’

Maddison Brennan-Mills (News Australia, 16/10/2023)

After the Voice was rejected, expect one thing from Indigenous people in Australia, says proud Wiradjuri woman Maddison Brennan-Mills.

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Left goes into ‘mass meltdown’ over Voice failure

Rita Panahi (Sky News, 16/10/2023)

Sky News host Rita Panahi reacts to the left’s “mass meltdown” after Australia voted against the Voice to Parliament.

The Indigenous Voice was emphatically rejected by a majority of voters in every state and territory except the Australian Capital Territory.

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