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14 December 2023 - New Zealand repeals Fair Pay Agreements

Publié par Marion Coste le 14/12/2023

Parliament repeals Fair Pay Agreements

(1News, 13/12/2023)

Parliament has passed the legislation repealing Fair Pay Agreements through its third reading, under urgency.

The previous Labour Government passed the law to enable the agreements - which aimed to allow unions and employer associations to bargain for bottom-line terms and conditions, covering entire sectors - in March last year.

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100-day plan: Minister on repealing FPAs and extending 90-day trials

(RNZ, 11/12/2023)

The new workplace relations minister says it is possible an enthusiastic supporter of the government's scrapping of Fair Pay Agreements (FPAs) is behind the leak of a sensitive Cabinet document.

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Why Fair Pay Agreements were never going to work

Roger Partridge (New Zealand Herald, 13/12/2023)

The demise of the last Government’s Fair Pay Agreement legislation is a cautionary tale for policymakers. Death and taxes are sometimes called the only certainties.

But so, too, are the iron laws

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Strong and stable pay for all – not just for politicians

Rob Campbell (Newsroom, 11/12/2023)

This week a group of people in Wellington will begin the process of cutting off “Fair Pay” agreements in favour of pay rates being set by “the market”. We will hear how this will avoid pay rates being set at unaffordable levels and continuing to allow “flexibility” to encourage more employment. The people promoting this do not have their pay set by “the market” but by an administrative process which pays them without regard to affordability or performance.

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