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14 September 2023 - Indigenous voice to parliament debate ahead of referendum in Australia

Publié par Marion Coste le 15/09/2023

What is the Indigenous voice to parliament, how would it work, and what happens next?

Lorena Allam (The Guardian, 04/09/2023)

The Albanese government has proposed to enshrine in the constitution an Indigenous voice to parliament, which would be voted on in a referendum.

The historic national vote will take place on Saturday, October 14.

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Voice to Parliament debate dominates Question Time as final parliamentary sitting wraps up ahead of referendum

Miriah Davis (Sky News, 14/09/2023)

The final Question Time before the referendum has descended into a series of scathing attacks, with Anthony Albanese accusing the Opposition of using the Voice to Parliament to divide Australians.

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Voice to Parliament: Young First Nations voters have their say, and their views may surprise you

Fiona Blackwood (ABC News, 12/09/2023)

For some, next month's vote on whether a Voice to Parliament — which would act as an independent advisory body for First Nations people — should be enshrined in the constitution, will be the first time they have cast a ballot. 

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Focus begins to shift to the consequences of a No vote

Phillip Coorey (Financial Review, 14/09/2023)

Operating on the assumption the Indigenous Voice to parliament is as good as doomed, Peter Dutton moved subtly this week to how the Coalition should maximise the discomfort a loss would cause Anthony Albanese.

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Why the No side is winning – and how Yes could respond

David Crowe (The Sydney Morning Herald, 15/09/2023)

There is a convincing winner in the opening phase of the official campaign on the Indigenous Voice – and it is not Anthony Albanese nor his Yes23 allies as they struggle to persuade Australians to vote for change.

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