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14 September 2023 - Book banning in Ontario public schools

Publié par Marion Coste le 14/09/2023

'Empty shelves with absolutely no books': Students, parents question school board's library weeding process

Nicole Brockbank and Angelina King (CBC News, 13/09/2023)

Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.

Those are all examples of books Reina Takata says she can no longer find in her public high school library in Mississauga, Ont., which she visits on her lunch hour most days.

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Ontario education minister asks school board to halt library book removal process

The Canadian Press (CTV News, 14/09/2023)

Ontario's education minister has asked a school board west of Toronto to immediately stop its so-called “weeding” of school libraries after concerns were raised about how it was carrying out the process of assessing and removing older books.

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Peel school board faces backlash for removing books published before 2008 from its libraries

Caroline ALphonso (The Globe and Mail, 13/09/2023)

Ontario’s Education Minister scolded the Peel District School Board for removing books from its libraries, including literary classics, after concerns were raised about how school officials were assessing and throwing away older books.

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Students express concern about the removal of school library books

(CBC News, 13/09/2023)

High school students in Peel Region are expressing concern about a new equity-based process that has led some schools to remove thousands of library books published before 2008.

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