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12 June 2023 - Boris Johnson's resignation from Parliament

Publié par Annalena Geisler le 12/06/2023

Boris Johnson's bombshell exit from Parliament leaves UK politics reeling

Jill Lawless (ABC News, 10/06/2023)

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has left chaos in his wake after quitting Parliament and accusing fellow lawmakers of ousting him in a "witch hunt".

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Boris Johnson: MPs to conclude Partygate inquiry

(BBC News, 12/06/2023)

MPs investigating whether Boris Johnson misled Parliament about lockdown parties in Downing Street will meet on Monday to conclude their inquiry.

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The Guardian view on Boris Johnson’s resignation: good riddance

Editorial board (The Guardian, 11/06/2023)

Tory infighting might benefit a country desperate for the unified, tolerant political leadership that the Conservatives can’t supply.

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Boris Johnson united Ireland in its total distrust of him

Editorial board (Independent.ie, 13/06/23)

Boris Johnson’s loud and petulant departure from public life will be filed under “small loss” on this side of the Irish Sea. He proved a most unreliable interlocutor in both jurisdictions of Ireland over the vital question of Brexit, adversely impacting the daily lives of many people.

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