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11 December 2023 - Rishi Sunak defends plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda

Publié par Marion Coste le 11/12/2023

What is Sunak government’s new Rwanda plan and could it trigger an election?

Christopher McKeon (The Independent, 11/12/2023)

Rishi Sunak has introduced legislation and staged an emergency press conference in a bid to salvage his Government’s Rwanda policy and reassert his authority over a fractious Conservative Party.

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The U.K. Government Is Facing Pushback to Its Rwanda Migrant Plan. Here’s What to Know

Armani Syed and Mallory Moench (TIME Magazine, 08/12/2023)

U.K Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is experiencing pushback over his government’s costly and controversial Rwanda asylum scheme.

The U.K. has paid a further £100 ($126) million and is set to pay more in 2024 to secure its scheme to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda.

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UK’s botched Rwanda deportation plan comes with £290M price tag

Bethany Dawson (Politico, 08/12/2023)

How much does it cost Britain’s feuding Conservatives to talk about deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda? £290 million.

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When it comes to the UK’s asylum plan, Rwanda is definitely having the last laugh

Marina Hyde (The Guardian, 08/12/2023)

How does the UK government truly see the country of Rwanda? Is it as a vibrant and secure place to start a new life? Or is it – to adapt a phrase allegedly deployed by the home secretary about part of Teesside – a “shit-hole”? I think we probably know the answer.

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