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10 January 2023 - Classified documents from Biden's VP days found in private office

Publié par Marion Coste le 10/01/2023

Biden Lawyers Found Classified Material at His Former Office

Peter Baker, Charlie Savage, Glenn Thrush and Adam Goldman (The New York Times, 09/01/2023)

President Biden’s lawyers discovered “a small number” of classified documents in his former office at a Washington think tank last fall, the White House said on Monday, prompting the Justice Department to scrutinize the situation to determine how to proceed.

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Biden is facing sharp questions after documents revelation

MJ Lee and Phil Mattingly (CNN, 10/01/2023)

President Joe Biden is facing sharp new questions about his handling of classified documents as he prepares for a summit with the leaders of the US’ neighboring nations.

The news that several classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president were discovered last fall at his private office in Washington, DC, broke moments after the president’s motorcade had rolled into the National Palace in Mexico City, in a visit that marks a US president’s first visit to Mexico since 2014.

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Biden, Classified Documents And The Power Of Accountability

Bruce Weinstein (Forbes, 10/01/2023)

The story about President Joe Biden’s possession of classified documents when he served as Vice President provides a powerful reminder of accountability's role in leadership.

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The Hill’s Morning Report — New Biden controversy on classified documents; House approves rules

Alexis Simendinger and Kristina Karisch (The Hill, 10/01/2023)

President Biden, his legal team, the Justice Department and the National Archives have known since early November that some classified documents created while he was vice president were discovered locked in a closet in an office Biden used for years after the Obama administration ended.

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