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06 July 2023 - Scotland celebrates coronation of King Charles III

Publié par Annalena Geisler le 06/07/2023

Scotland marks coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla with day of pageantry

Hafsa Khalil (CNN, 05/07/23)

Scotland has concluded a day of festivities celebrating British monarch King Charles III’s recent coronation. The highlight of Wednesday’s proceedings in the capital, Edinburgh, was a service of national thanksgiving during which the King was presented with the Scottish crown jewels.

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The Honours are authentic symbols of Scottish nationhood and identity

Kevin McKenna (The Guardian, 04/07/23)

The Honours of Scotland. The very name seems intended to bewitch the unwary. For those of us uninitiated in the punctilios of ancient royal patronage the national honours will always be the Scottish Cup, the Scottish Premier League title and the League Cup.

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Inside King Charles's Scottish coronation service at St Giles

Judith Duffy (The National, 05/07/23)

For all the careful planning and minute-by-minute orchestration of the lavish ceremony to celebrate King Charles III, there was one feature which definitely wasn’t meant to be in the programme.

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Scottish minister leads protest at King Charles coronation event

Severin Carrell and Libby Brooks (The Guardian, 05/07/23)

Patrick Harvie, co-leader of Scottish Greens, addresses protesters as Charles is presented with Scotland’s medieval crown jewels. 

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