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04 July 2023 - Thames Water fined over sewage spill

Publié par Annalena Geisler le 04/07/2023

Thames Water fined more than £3m over sewage spill that turned rivers black near Gatwick Airport

(Sky News 04/07/23)

Sewage was pumped into rivers for around six and a half hours after a faulty storm pump at a site in Crawley went "unnoticed".

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Why is Thames Water in so much trouble?

Dearbail Jordan and Ben King (BBC News 04/07/23)

Thames Water may have to be taken over by the government if it runs out of money. But why is the UK's largest water company facing a crisis - and are other firms facing similar problems?

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The Guardian view on private water companies: a disaster made in the City

Editorial (The Guardian, 02/07/23)

England has become an asset management society with predictably calamitous results.

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Renationalising Thames Water would be a gamble – but there is another way to help clean up the industry

J. Robert Branson and Phil Tomlinson (The Conversation, 03/07/23)

The privatisation of water companies in England and Wales was supposed to bring efficiency and investment to a vital sector that had been starved of public funding. But since 1989, the industry has failed to invest sufficiently in replacing antiquated pipes and sewage treatment systems.

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