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03 February 2023 - King Charles will not appear on new Australia $5 note

Publié par Marion Coste le 03/02/2023

Australian $5 note redesign won't feature King Charles, as Queen Elizabeth portrait removed in update

Stephanie Borys (ABC News, 02/02/2023)

King Charles will not feature on Australia's $5 banknote following a decision by the Reserve Bank of Australia, prompting outrage from the opposition.

The portrait of Queen Elizabeth II first appeared on the $5 polymer note in July 1992 when the Queen celebrated the 40th anniversary of her accession. 

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Australia to replace monarch on banknote with design honouring Indigenous culture

Renju Jose and Alasdair Pal (Reuters, 02/02/2023)

Australia will replace the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on its A$5 banknote with a new design to reflect and honour the history of its Indigenous culture, the country's central bank said on Thursday.

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King Charles ‘can hardly complain’ about not being on the $5 note

(Sky News, 02/02/2023)

Sky News host Chris Kenny says there was “a lot of argy-bargy today” regarding the announcement that King Charles III will not be pictured on the $5 note.

“This is one role he won’t inherit from his mum,” Mr Kenny said.

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It’s tradition: Indigenous designs have been on Australian money since decimalisation

John Hawkins and Wayne H Applebee (The Conversation, 03/02/2023)

The Reserve Bank of Australia has announced that Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait on Australia’s $5 banknote will not be replaced by one of Charles III (as is happening in the United Kingdom). It will instead show a design that “honours the culture and history of the First Australians”.

While some will complain this is a break from the tradition of the reigning monarch’s head being on the lowest-denomination banknote, that has only been the case in Australia since 1966, when decimal currency was introduced.

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