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24 November 2022 - UK universities are going on strike

Publié par Marion Coste le 24/11/2022

Lecturers, teachers and Royal Mail workers strike in one of biggest walkouts

Pa Reporter (Evening Standard, 24/11/2022)

Royal Mail workers, university lecturers and teachers are walking out on strike as industrial unrest continues to spread across the country in disputes over pay, jobs and conditions.

Picket lines are being mounted outside postal delivery and sorting offices, universities and schools as unions edge closer to co-ordinated industrial action.

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University strikes: Students face disruption as walkout begins

Hazel Shearing (BBC News, 24/11/2022)

University staff are walking out on the first of three days of strikes over pay, working conditions and pensions.

Lectures could be called off at 150 affected universities.

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Why UK universities are going on strike

Heather Connolly (The Conversation, 23/11/2022)

Universities in the UK are striking on 24, 25 and 30 November 2022, with action short of a strike beginning on 23 November. Around 70,000 university staff across 150 universities are taking industrial action, following a series of smaller strikes in recent years. These strikes may be the largest ever in the higher education sector, after members of the University and College Union backed a national ballot in favour of industrial action.

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Why I’m joining the university staff strike

Kathleen O’Neill (The Guardian, 23/11/2022)

I am a university lecturer and I am striking this week. I am not striking for me, but for younger colleagues, and indeed all young people in the workforce.

I am in my 60s and throughout my life, I have received a decent wage and many benefits, which has meant that I could purchase my own home. This is not the case for many younger people. Politicians have ignored younger and poorer people. Why do you think the Conservatives will not touch the state pension? Older people who are often more comfortable tend to vote Conservative.

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