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14 November 2022 - United States midterm elections

Publié par Marion Coste le 14/11/2022

What we know so far about the 2022 midterms, in charts

Youyou Zhou, Dylan Scott, and Nicole Narea (Vox, 13/11/2022)

Tuesday’s congressional elections ended up being far closer than many political analysts expected. Democrats were able to maintain control of the Senate after winning the Nevada Senate seat. With many ballots yet to be counted in key contests, party control of the House is still up in the air.

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Five Takeaways From a Red Wave That Didn’t Reach the Shore

Blake Hounshell (The New York Times, 10/11/2022)

Democrats tried to outrun history — and the lead weight of a wounded president who made his final political appearance of the campaign in deep-blue Maryland, in a county he won two years ago by an overwhelming margin.

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On Donald Trump and the Democrats’ Not-So-Awful Election

Susan B. Glasser (The New Yorker, 09/11/2022)

If not for the former President, the midterms could have turned out very differently.

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Opinion. GOP disappointment is understandable. But the path to 2024 hasn’t changed.

Hugh Hewitt (The Washington Post, 13/11/2022)

Republicans smarting from a disappointing election want somebody to blame. Expectations, including mine, soared as the country was swamped with bad economic news. It wasn’t irrational exuberance, but it was still an understandable looking beyond the election in front of us to the GOP agenda, while looking past some obvious flaws in our own nominees. Lesson (re-)learned.

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