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14 June 2022 - UK to send failed asylum seekers to Rwanda

Publié par Marion Coste le 14/06/2022

The UK’s plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda raise four red flags

Evan Easton-Calabria (The Conversation, 13/05/2022)

Like many others, I was surprised and upset to hear about the UK’s new deal to offload its responsibility to tens of thousands of asylum seekers to Rwanda. The plan is for Rwanda to process and host such refugees indefinitely.

I have spent 12 years researching and working with refugees in East Africa, the Horn, and the Great Lakes region, with a specific focus on livelihoods and survival. The experiences of Rwandan refugees I have interviewed who have fled the country as well as refugees within the country are often heartbreaking.

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‘Immoral’ Rwanda deportations shame Britain, say Church of England leaders

Ted Hennessey (The Independent, 13/06/2022)

The plan to send failed asylum seekers to Rwanda is an “immoral policy” that “shames Britain”, leaders of the Church of England have said.

The Government’s intention is to have some people who have entered the UK illegally flown to the east African country to seek asylum there.

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Rwanda deportations: 'Why must I go?' - Channel migrants 'nervous and unhappy' ahead of flight

Jason Farrell (Sky News, 14/06/2022)

"I can't eat, I can't sleep. Why must I go to Rwanda?"

Zahir, 25, who doesn't want to give his real name, fled Iraq two months ago. He said his life was in danger after he got into a fight with a family member who had links with the government and had threatened to kill him.

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‘It will be the end of my life’: the people fearing removal from UK to Rwanda

Diane Taylor (The Guardian, 13/06/2022)

Asylum seekers have described the life-threatening situations they fled from, terrifying journeys herded thorough Europe by violent smugglers – and their shock when they learned they faced being sent to Rwanda under UK government plans.

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