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08 November 2022 - Rishi Sunak at the COP27

Publié par Marion Coste le 08/11/2022

Cop27: Sunak says it is ‘morally right’ for UK to honour climate pledges

Aletha Adu (The Guardian, 07/11/2022)

Rishi Sunak has said it is “morally right” that Britain honours its climate change commitments in his speech at Cop27, but he made no mention of paying reparations after Boris Johnson said the country cannot afford to do so.

The prime minister made a very short appearance on the world stage on Monday, after making a very public U-turn on his attendance in Egypt – the same reversal that may have left him living in Johnson’s shadow, as he was forced to speak hours after his rival.

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Sunak vows no backsliding on climate finance despite UK economic crisis

sther Webber (Politico, 07/11/2022)

Rishi Sunak promised to deliver on Britain’s climate finance promises as he addressed the COP27 climate summit — despite the bleak economic scene facing him back home.

Taking to the stage in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, the recently picked U.K. leader said the pandemic "all but broke" the global economy, but insisted the U.K. would deliver on its commitment of £11.6 billion in climate finance — and triple funding on adaptation to £1.5 billion by 2025.

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‘There is an obligation’: Nicola Sturgeon urges climate loss and damage compensation at Cop27

Louise Boyle (The Independent, 07/11/2022)

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said there is an “obligation” to provide funding to vulnerable countries suffering loss and damage from the climate crisis.

The Scottish leader was speaking to The Independent in Sharm el-Sheikh at the Cop27 global climate summit which got underway this weekend.

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COP27: three reasons rich countries can no longer ignore calls to pay developing world for climate havoc

Lisa Vanhala (The Conversation, 07/11/2022)

Payments from high-emitting countries to mitigate the harm that climate change has caused in the most vulnerable parts of the world is finally on the agenda for discussion at a global climate change summit, more than 30 years after the idea was first articulated by delegates from small island developing states.

Loss and damage is the term used by the UN to describe these impacts of climate change that cannot be prevented and to which people cannot adapt. These include lives that have been and will be lost, communities displaced by rising seas, extreme weather and famine, livelihoods and cultural heritage destroyed and ecosystems damaged beyond repair because of a failure to arrest greenhouse gas emissions, and so, global temperature rise.

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