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07 June 2022 - Boris Johnson wins confidence vote

Publié par Marion Coste le 07/06/2022

Boris Johnson survives leadership vote but 41% of his MPs have “no confidence”

(BBC News, 06/06/2022)

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has survived a vote of no confidence in his leadership but failed to win the backing of a large number of his own members of Parliament.

More than 41% of Conservative MPs refused to support him remaining as Prime Minister and voted to declare they had "no confidence" in his leadership.  

211 Tory MPs supported the Prime Minister while 148 voted against him.

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‘Out in a year’: what the papers say about Tory vote on Boris Johnson

Martin Farrer (The Guardian, 07/06/2022)

A haunted-looking Boris Johnson stares out from the front pages of many of the papers after a dramatic night of Conservative party bloodletting at Westminster.

The prime minister is shown being driven back from the Commons to Downing Street after he won a Tory no-confidence vote in his leadership by 211 to 148.

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Boris Johnson: For now he stays in office, but is he really in power?

Beth Rigby (SkyNews, 07/06/2022)

It was a vote the PM was desperate to avoid.

And when it came, one that Boris Johnson was keen to put behind him quickly, calling the vote as soon as possible after the trigger threshold (54 letters of no confidence) had been reached, and then declaring the result "decisive" and "convincing" once it was over.

Mr Johnson is a leader who is clear he has won and who wants to draw a line under this whole sorry saga and move on.

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Boris Johnson: what the result of the confidence vote means for the PM and the Conservative Party

Paul Whiteley (The Conversation, 06/06/2022)

The verdict is in. Boris Johnson retains the confidence of the Conservative Party. For now. Johnson received the votes of 211 out of 359 Tory MPs in support of his leadership, which means that technically he won. But the fact that 148 of his parliamentary colleagues voted against him, more than 41% of the parliamentary party, throws his longevity as party leader – and prime minister – into considerable doubt.

Johnson actually performed worse than John Major and Theresa May in their leadership challenges in 1995 and 2019. And he faced as much opposition as Margaret Thatcher did in the first round of her leadership contest in 1990.

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