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22 June 2021 - EU plans to cut amount of British TV and film shown post-Brexit

Publié par Marion Coste le 22/06/2021

EU prepares to cut amount of British TV and film shown post-Brexit

Daniel Boffey (The Guardian, 21/06/2021)

The EU is preparing to act against the “disproportionate” amount of British television and film content shown in Europe in the wake of Brexit, in a blow to the UK entertainment industry and the country’s “soft power” abroad.

The UK is Europe’s biggest producer of film and TV programming, buoyed up by £1.4bn from the sale of international rights, but its dominance has been described as a threat to Europe’s “cultural diversity” in an internal EU document seen by the Guardian.

The issue is likely to join a list of points of high tension in the EU-UK relationship since the country left the single market and customs union, including disputes over the sale of British sausages in Northern Ireland and the issue of licences in fishing waters, which led to Royal Navy patrol boats being deployed to Jersey earlier this year.

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Brexit: EU prepares to slash number of British TV programmes and films shown on the continent

Kate Delvin (The Independent, 21/06/2021)

After the “sausage war” comes the culture clash – the European Union is preparing to cut the “disproportionate” amount of British film and television shown on the continent after Brexit.

The move would be a blow to the UK’s lucrative entertainment industry.

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European Union Prepares to Cut Brit Film and TV Content Post Brexit

Scott Roxborough (The Hollywood Reporter, 21/06/2021)

In what could prove a major blow to the British film and television industry, the European Union is looking into proposals to exclude U.K. programming from EU content quotas on television and online platforms.

Under the EU’s audiovisual media services directive, European content must make up a majority of airtime on terrestrial television channels and account for at least 30 percent of titles on video-on-demand platforms such as Netflix and Amazon. Individual EU countries have even stricter quotas. France, for example, requires fully 60 percent of VOD titles to be of European origin and that platforms invest at least 15 percent of their turnover in European production.

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Brexit poll shows ‘limited enthusiasm’ for UK-EU trade deal

Peter Foster (Financial Times, 22/06/2021)

British voters have “limited enthusiasm” for the post-Brexit agreement Boris Johnson’s government negotiated with the EU last year, with only one in five describing it as a “good” deal, a survey has found.

However, ahead of the fifth anniversary of the 2016 EU referendum on Wednesday, the poll also found that years of divisive political debate had changed few minds — with four out five people who voted saying they would still vote the same way.

Sir John Curtice, politics professor at Strathclyde university, who led the research for the polling group What UK Thinks and the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen), said the findings were “far from a ringing endorsement” of the Brexit trade deal.

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