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22 March 2021 - More than 18,000 people evacuated after floods in Australia

Publié par Marion Coste le 22/03/2021

New flood warnings issued for NSW

Liv Casben (The Canberra Times, 22/03/2021)

Parts of Sydney's northwest are experiencing major flooding with further evacuation orders issued for some areas.

Residents in several suburbs throughout the city's northwest have been told to prepare to leave by the State Emergency Service, with more than 18,000 having already evacuated across the state's north and throughout Sydney.

The SES has issued an evacuation order for low-lying properties in North Richmond and Agnes Banks due to rising flood water.

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Parts of Australia declare natural disaster during 'once in 100 years' floods

Jessie Yeung (CNN, 23/03/2021)

The Australian government has declared a natural disaster in large swaths of New South Wales (NSW) as heavy rains batter the state and force thousands to evacuate.

Rains have been inundating communities since Thursday, but parts of the east coast tipped into crisis on Saturday as a major dam overflowed, adding to swollen rivers and causing flash flooding.

The NSW and federal government have signed 16 natural disaster declarations in areas spanning the central and mid-north coast, from Hunter Valley near Sydney to Coff's Harbour, said NSW Emergency Services Minister David Elliott in a news conference on Sunday.

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'Look at them all!' Spiders escape to higher ground during NSW floods

(The Guardian Australia, 22/03/2021)

Spiders have been spotted at numerous locations attempting to flee to higher ground during New South Wales floods.

Shenae and Steve Varley witnessed spiders covering 'the entire length of the railing that’s not under water' at the Penrith weir in western Sydney.

Macksville resident Melanie Williams was also shocked by a swarm of spiders climbing the outer wall of her home as they fled for higher ground.

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Floods leave a legacy of mental health problems — and disadvantaged people are often hardest hit

Sabrina Pit (The Conversation, 21/03/2021)

Yet again, large swathes of New South Wales are underwater. A week of solid rain has led to floods in the Mid-North Coast, Sydney and the Central Coast, with several areas being evacuated as I write.

As a resident of the NSW Far North Coast, which has had its share of devastating floods, many of the tense scenes on the news are sadly familiar.

Unless you have lived through it, it is hard to understand just how stressful a catastrophic flood can be in the moment of crisis. As research evidence shows, the long term impact on mental health can also be profound. And often it is the most disadvantaged populations that are hardest hit.

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