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15 January 2021 - Tower of London's 'Queen' raven feared dead as legend warns 'Kingdom will fall'

Publié par Marion Coste le 15/01/2021

Bad omen? Tower of London raven missing, feared dead

Matthew Weaver (The Guardian, 14/01/2021)

One of the ravens at the Tower of London is feared to have died, in a potentially gloomy omen for Britain. It means that the tower is close to having fewer than six ravens, a level that would spell doom for the kingdom, according to legend.

Ravenmaster Christopher Skaife confirmed that one of the birds, Merlina, known as the queen of the tower’s unkindness of ravens, is presumed dead after being missing for weeks.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Skaife said: “Merlina is a free-spirited raven and has been known to leave the tower precincts on many occasion. I’m her buddy and she normally comes back to us, but this time she didn’t. So, I do fear that she is not with us any more.” He added: “Just before Christmas, before we went into the lockdown, we were putting the ravens to bed, and she didn’t come back.”

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Tower of London's Queen raven is missing... but enough remain to prevent the fall of the Kingdom...

Manpreet Sachdeva (Sky News, 14/01/2021)

The Tower of London's "Queen" raven is missing and feared dead, but seven ravens are still in residence preventing the fall of the Kingdom.

The raven Merlina was first noticed to be missing when all the ravens were being put to bed - several weeks ago.

Legend says there needs to be at least six ravens in the castle, and if they leave, then both the Tower and the Kingdom will suffer.

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Tower of London ravens: What is the legend of the Tower of London?

Liam Doyle (Express, 14/01/2021)

Tower of London staff said they fear one of its resident ravens is dead. Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, raven master Christopher Skaife said Merlina, the castle's Queen raven, had not returned since before the Christmas lockdown. The announcement has reminded people across the UK of the legend associated with the famous birds, which describes an apocalyptic fate for the nation should they disappear.

The Tower of London was built in the late 11th century, and early historical accounts put the ravens there from at least the 16th.

The legend of the ravens didn't come until some time later, during World War Two.

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Tower of London Ravenmaster from Dover mourns loss of 'queen raven'

Chris Hunter (Kent Online, 14/01/2021)

Legend has it that at least six ravens must be kept at the Tower of London or the kingdom will fall.

But the loss of one is gloomy enough news for Ravenmaster Christopher Skaife, originally from Dover, who says he will be taking time to mourn the death of the Tower's "queen raven" Merilina.

Merlina, who has been at the Tower since 2007, has not been seen for several weeks, and Mr Skaife told the BBC he fears she has passed away.

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