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24 March 2020 - Former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond cleared of sexual assault charges

Publié par Marion Coste le 24/03/2020

Alex Salmond acquitted: Calls for resignations and an independent inquiry as political world reacts to verdict

Derek Healy (The Courrier, 23/03/2020)

A senior SNP politician has called for an independent inquiry into how the party handled complaints against Alex Salmond and said his place in its history “must be restored to the prominence it deserves”.

Edinburgh South West MP Joanna Cherry said she was “very pleased” Mr Salmond had been acquitted of all the charges against him, and said those who know and have met him “did not recognise the man described in the evidence led for the Crown”.

Ms Cherry, the SNP’s spokesperson for justice and home affairs at Westminster, was also one of the first leading party figures to hit out at the internal handling of the complaints against Mr Salmond.

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Salmond's acquittal could make him the SNP's biggest challenge

Libby Brooks  (The Guardian, 24/03/2020)

When Nicola Sturgeon addressed a private gathering of Scottish National party politicians at Edinburgh Napier University towards the end of August 2018 and little more than a week after the original sexual harassment allegations against her predecessor Alex Salmond were made public, she spoke frankly: “How we deal with this and how we are seen to respond to this will say a lot about who we are as a party and also about the country we are today and want to build for the future.”

Speaking outside the high court in Edinburgh on Monday afternoon following his acquittal on 13 charges of sexual assault, Alex Salmond suggested that the verdicts would ultimately say something very different about the SNP. He referred to “certain evidence I would like to have seen led in this trial”, which would now “see the light of day”. Sources close to the former first minister were already briefing his belief that Nicola Sturgeon herself played a role.

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Alex Salmond promises to reveal evidence of political plot against him

Tom Gordon (Herald Scotland, 23/03/2020)

ALEX Salmond has described the last two years as a "nightmare" and promised to reveal evidence of a conspiracy against him.

The former First Minister spoke briefly outside the High Court in Edinburgh after being acquitted of 13 sexual offences charges.

His legal team had wanted to question witnesses about an alleged political plot to "discredit" Mr Salmond, but judge Lady Dorrian refused to allow it for legal reasons.

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SNP MSP calls for probe into Alex Salmond 'conspiracy'

(BBC News, 24/03/2020)

An SNP MSP has said a judge should investigate claims that the Scottish government conspired to "do in" Alex Salmond.

A High Court jury cleared Mr Salmond of 13 sexual assault charges on Monday.

Alex Neil said allegations that the "organs of the state" conspired against Mr Salmond had been central to the former first minister's defence.

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