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22 May 2020 - All lectures at Cambridge University will move online for 2020-2021

Publié par cpavia le 22/05/2020

Cambridge University moves all lectures online until summer 2021

(The Guardian, 19/05/2020)

Cambridge has become the first university to set out measures for the full 2020-21 academic year, announcing that it will move all “face-to-face lectures” online for the duration. The institution added that it was “likely” social distancing would continue to be required.

The university said lectures would continue virtually until summer 2021, while it may be possible for smaller teaching groups to take place in person if it “conforms to social-distancing requirements”.

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Cambridge University Scraps In-Person Lectures for 2020-2021

The Associated Press (The New York Times, 20/05/2020)

Cambridge has become the first university in Britain to cancel all face-to-face lectures for the 2020-21 academic year because of the coronavirus pandemic, after 800 years of welcoming students to its cloisters, quadrangles and classrooms.

It likely won’t be the last, as the virus threatens the foundations of the traditional student experience, and the finances of universities around the world.

Cambridge said late Tuesday that all lectures will be held virtually and streamed online until summer 2021. It said it may be possible to hold tutorials and teach in small groups when the new academic year starts in October, as long as social distancing rules can be followed.

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The University of South Carolina has canceled fall break and will end in-person classes early

Paul P. Murphy (CNN, 18/05/2020)

The University of South Carolina is making changes to its fall semester in preparation for the likelihood that Covid-19 cases surge during cold and flu season this fall and winter.

"Our best current modeling predicts a spike in cases of Covid-19 at the beginning of December, which also will likely coincide with traditional flu season," university President Bob Caslen said in a message to faculty, staff and students.

That's why Caslen says the school will move all classes online at Thanksgiving break. But that's not the only step the university is taking.

Fall break is canceled.

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Coronavirus: Flexible working will be a new normal after virus

Justin Harper (BBC News, 22/05/2020)

Facebook and New Zealand's Prime Minister are the latest supporters of flexible working as companies mull back-to-office strategies.

On Thursday, Facebook said it plans to shift towards a more remote workforce as a long-term trend.

New Zealand's PM Jacinda Ardern this week suggested a four-day working week, partly to boost tourism in the country.

As offices gradually re-open after coronavirus lockdown, more employers are looking at news ways of working.

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