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20 January 2020 - Radiohead launches online 'public library'

Publié par Marion Coste le 21/01/2020

Radiohead Public Library: archive of band's work goes live

Ben Beaumont-Thomas (The Guardian, 20/01/2020)

Radiohead have launched a new online archive of their work, called Radiohead Public Library, as well as releasing previously unavailable rarities to streaming services.

Hosted at radiohead.com, the site features archival material grouped around each of the band’s nine studio albums, including music videos, live TV performances, artwork and the group’s quarterly w.a.s.t.e. newsletter series. It also links to the frequently bizarre, nightmarish and labyrinthine previous iterations of their website.

“Radiohead.com has always been infuriatingly uninformative and unpredictable,” the band wrote on Twitter. “We have now, predictably, made it incredibly informative.”

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Radiohead Public Library


Radiohead.com has always been a) infuriatingly uninformative and b) surprising. The most surprising thing to do next, therefore, is to suddenly become incredibly informative. So that is what we have done.

We present: the RADIOHEAD PUBLIC LIBRARY, an online resource containing videos, music, artwork, websites, merchandise, and assorted ephemera.

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Radiohead Public Library: 6 Highlights From Band’s Newly Launched Digital Archive

Daniel Kreps (Rolling Stone, 20/01/2020)

Radiohead, a band that has always resided at the intersection of music and technology, have opened the digital doors of the Radiohead Public Library, a comprehensive archive warehousing the band’s entire catalog in chronological order.

Launched on Monday, the Radiohead Public Library boasts the band’s albums, B-sides, non-LP tracks, behind-the-scenes photos, TV appearances, promotional performances, webcasts, full-length concerts, of-the-era T-shirts (newly reissued and ready to order), Stanley Donwood’s artwork and more.

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Radiohead Public Library: How to Stream Free Rare Songs From U.K. Rock Band in New Digital Archive

Sophia Waterfield (Newsweek, 20/01/2020)

K. rock band, Radiohead—known for 90s hits such as "Paranoid Android," "Creep" and "Karma Police"—has launched a free online archive of the band's material.

Known as Radiohead's Public Library, the website allows fans to register to create their own library card and membership number, allowing them to access an archive of the band's back catalog. According to music publication, NME, the archive will also include "artifacts" that are associated with each Radiohead album.

From today (January 20), fans of the band will also be able to stream a number of songs, which were previously unavailable, for the first time. According to NME, these include the band's debut EP Drill, a 2005 charity compilation "I Want None of This" and the TKOL RMX 8 remix EP.

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