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18 May 2020 - New Zealand's resident population reaches 5 million amid Covid-19

Publié par cpavia le 18/05/2020

New Zealand's Resident Population Tops 5 Million

Reuters (The New York Times, 17/05/2020)

New Zealand's resident population has climbed above 5 million, with the milestone to be the fastest million to be added in the country's history, according to data released by Statistics New Zealand on Monday.

The Pacific nation's population rose significantly since 2013, with half a million people added in just over the last six years to hit a provisional 5,002,100 at March 31, 2020, it said in a statement.

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New Zealand reaches population of 5m after citizens rush home amid Covid-19

Charlotte Graham-McLay (The Guardian, 18/05/2020)

It was a much-anticipated milestone likely hastened by Covid-19: New Zealand has reached a population of 5 million people, after citizens and residents rushed home when borders began to close due to the coronavirus pandemic.

New Zealand grew from four to five million in 17 years, the quickest rate of growth in the country’s modern history, according to the government agency Statistics New Zealand. Migration has been the chief driver for the population of the isolated island nation, which increased by half a million people in the past six years alone.

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'Significant' milestone: NZ's population hits 5 million

(New Zealand Herald, 18/05/2020)

New Zealand's resident population has now reached 5 million.

Stats NZ announced today that we cracked the milestone in March.

It took just 17 years to add one million people after hitting 4 million in 2003. About half that million came from natural increase (births minus deaths) with the other half coming from net migration.

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How Stewart Island's sole policeman handled lockdown

(Otago Daily Times, 18/05/2020)

Stewart Islands's sole charge policeman says he had no major issues during the lockdown on the small island.

Constable Stuart Newton says a search and rescue operation for a missing hunter was the only big test of the island's quarantine status.

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