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17 April 2020 - Banksy reveals pest problem in new lockdown artwork

Publié par Marion Coste le 17/04/2020

Bathroom Banksy: Street-artist's lockdown work

Paul Sandle (Brisbane Times, 17/04/2020)

Street-artist Banksy has followed official advice to stay at home during the coronavirus crisis by creating a new artwork in his bathroom that shows his trademark stencilled rats running amok around the sink and toilet.

The elusive artist posted photos of the work on his Instagram site on Wednesday, along with the comment: "My wife hates it when I work from home".

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Bog-standard genius: Banksy's rats show great artists shine in solitude

Jonathan Jones (The Guardian, 16/04/2020)

What’s a street artist to do when the streets are locked down? Banksy’s got nothing to keep him busy except create mayhem in his own bathroom. He has released photographs of what he says is his loo decorated with stencilled rats in a trompe l’oeil rodent rampage – swinging from the towel holder, balancing on a mirror frame, perching on a toilet splashed with orangey-brown matter.

For these filthy beasts long associated with plague, coronavirus means party time. They are celebrating our decline and fall. Maybe Banksy sees the anarchic potential in a world that has decided to suspend normal business.

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Banksy Jokes His Wife Is Sick Of Him Working At Home

David Moye (The Huffington Post, 15/04/2020)

Looks like Banksy is getting a little stir-crazy from self-isolation.

At least that’s the impression from a series of photos the elusive street artist posted on Instagram on Tuesday.

In the post, Banksy joked that his wife “hates it” when he works from home and then showed off photos of how he redecorated his bathroom in a rat theme.

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